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A realtor can be a great source of moving leads. Realtors know the ins and outs of the home buying process and often refer their clients to movers. Reach out to these realtors and demonstrate your reliability and professionalism. By showing realtors that you are reputable and professional, you can encourage referrals from them. Realtors in Oklahoma City, for example, keep a “Becky’s Favorites” list of vendors.

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If you’d like to attract more referrals for your moving company, try using Facebook’s retargeting feature. The feature allows movers to serve their Facebook ads to people who visit their websites. The result? More traffic and higher revenue. Using retargeting is a smart way to reinforce safety measures and improve your revenue. Moving companies are considered essential businesses, so advertisers should focus their advertising budget on attracting more customers.

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There are many ways to generate moving leads, but the most effective way to start is by optimizing your website for local search terms. Getting moving leads is not easy. Getting them is not cheap, but it’s well worth it if you can maximize your efforts and spend time creating relevant content. By using social media, you can also target local search terms that are relevant to your area. The more moving leads you generate, the better your business will become.

Online networking is another great way to generate moving leads. Many Facebook groups involve community groups. Joining these groups can allow you to meet people who have knowledge about your moving company. A moving company’s community is just as important as the ice cream shop in the neighborhood. Networking is all about small engagements and connections, and even small ones can lead to moving leads. If you can leverage your online connections, you’ll be on the road to success.

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If you can’t afford to spend the time to brand your moving truck, consider renting a moving van. These branded vehicles can reach the community in an effective manner and generate more leads. A branded moving truck can legally park on high-traffic roads and events, and can also sign deals with local businesses and landowners. It’s possible to use the same marketing strategy for multiple moving services. You can also brand your company’s truck with a mascot logo and put the name of the moving company on the van.

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Despite the cost of hiring a professional SEO company, using Facebook as a marketing platform for your moving business is a good idea. Facebook has a lower cost-per-click than Google, and its users are equally engaged with your content. Whether you decide to use Facebook for moving or Twitter for a better ROI, make sure to track the results of each tactic. If you want more moving leads, you should consider getting involved with local and national non-profits.

After closing the sale, follow up with past clients and ask for referrals. If you have satisfied clients, you will be able to generate the best moving leads. You can also create a referral program by offering ongoing incentives for referrals. You can also promote this program through email marketing to encourage your clients to recommend your moving services to their friends and family. Your referral program can help you build a steady stream of moving leads.

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While this tactic may not seem very modern, it does work. Try calling potential clients first and offering a reasonable price. If possible, offer a discount based on the total moving cost. This old school sales tactic is still effective and has a proven track record. It is also worth noting that many moving companies do not answer their phones on the weekends, so making weekend salespeople available will increase the booking ratio.

Pay per click advertising is another great option for getting moving leads. Pay per click advertising allows your moving company to be front and center to multiple targeted audiences. For example, if a potential customer is looking for movers in your area, a local SEO ad will appear higher in the search results. People will be more likely to click on a local SEO result than the organic results. Further, this form of advertising is particularly effective on mobile devices.