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There are many ways to increase the number of moving leads you have. One of the best is to advertise your services. Moving companies are a necessary part of the local economy, and millions of people need to move. If you can get your name out there, the rest will follow. One way to get more leads is to offer free services for moving day. If your company provides free moving day services, you can post videos of its trucks and share them on social media. Moving leads from past customers and referrals are the easiest to book.

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You can purchase moving leads from moving aggregators. These services will lower your cost per lead and offer a profile and link to your website. If you’re not confident in your marketing skills, you can opt for paid research tools. This way, you can track the performance of different marketing strategies to see what works and which doesn’t. A moving leads provider should allow you to void leads that don’t meet your needs.

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is another great way to generate moving leads. PPC (pay per click) ads are displayed in the corner of a user’s screen. If your website is not ranked high enough, potential customers will skip your listing and go somewhere else. SEO (search engine optimization) is another way to generate moving leads. By optimizing your company website, you can show up in organic listings on Google.

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Creating content that targets your ideal moving customers can help you generate moving leads. You can write articles for local customers and share them on social media. Try offering your customers free moving day or discounts on storage rentals as a way to keep your clients happy. These are just a few ways to generate moving leads for your company. While this is not a simple task, it is becoming increasingly easier thanks to the help of social media.

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YouTube is a powerful video platform. Setting up a free account is easy, and you can even upload moving-related videos. Make sure to post informative videos on your channel. Use your video to explain the different facets of moving. It will establish your credibility as a moving expert, and it will also build trust. Include your contact information and website link at the end of your videos. In addition to YouTube, you can also post videos on other websites.

Make use of social media to find potential clients. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are excellent places to find people with moving-related interests. Asking clients for referrals a week after a move is a great way to get the best moving leads. You can also offer ongoing incentives for referrals. If you get referrals from other moving companies, you’ll be on the right track to generate an ongoing stream of leads.

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Real estate agents are another great source of moving leads. These people know more people than anyone else and often refer people to them. Reach out to realtors and demonstrate your professionalism and reliability. If they like what they see, they’ll be more likely to send your moving company’s name to their clients. One Oklahoma realtor even has a list of preferred vendors that she uses when moving clients. This is a great way to generate more moving leads!

Your advertising copy is another important factor in generating moving leads. If your moving company advertises on search engines, most of these advertisements don’t even mention the number one concern that customers have. People who see your moving trucks, uniforms, or website may recall your company when they’re ready to move. By making the message more relevant to the concerns of your customers, you’ll be able to generate more moving leads.

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Social media is another great source of moving leads. While social media has started out as a place for sharing photos and comments, it has evolved into a vital tool for marketing online. You can use social media to generate leads from potential customers and establish a positive reputation. People will be able to trust your company if they see positive reviews on the social media pages. Additionally, social media allows potential customers to interact with other moving agents.

Another effective method of generating moving leads is through PPC advertising. PPC ads are displayed at the top of the search results page and receive 13.8% of clicks. This means that for every 50 people you reach with your ad, you’ll get seven moving leads. That’s not bad! Millennials are very interested in social media. Using social media to reach potential customers is one of the best ways to increase moving leads.