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Full Service (Get More Exclusive, Red Hot Leads) Digital Marketing Agency for Moving Companies 

Cutting Edge Technology. Hyper Targeted Website Traffic. Convert More Leads. 

Consistent Fast Growth

Marketing your Moving Company shouldn’t be risky. You are “betting” on yourself, but you need the right team, technology, and process behind you, so your team of movers can focus on what they do best – MOVING, while MoversBoost gets the phone ringing and form submissions each day.

MoversBoost is able to consistently deliver results and grow moving companies – FAST, and maintain this level of growth through our advantages, primarily technology (software), people (our team cares) and process (as a Veteran Owned business our checklist is extremely thorough).

1) Strategy: How We Grow Your Moving Company

Marketing Agency for Movers

You do not have to do much on your end. Just continue doing right by people in real life, and getting more reviews (we can help with Reputation Management). MoversBoost prefers transparency in approach and services, because we know the path, and walk the path each day. Anyone can say they will or can help you, but if they do not take the personal time to sit down and talk with you, or screenshare the EXACT process, chances are you will be just another random number to a generalized digital marketing agency. MoversBoost is committed to every client; you will see all the advantages and path to growth during our consultation.


2) New Software Technology & Website Upgrades

Website Marketing for Movers

If you are buying leads, handing out flyers, posting on Craigslist, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, or any type of online promotions, your  website is the CENTER of all your activities. Even if you are purchasing leads, you will have a much higher close rate if your website appears professional, trustworthy, and has conversion elements to capture and entice the lead. We’ve seen clients transform from a commodity, quote bid farm, to exclusive, red hot, branded leads. Do not underestimate the power of moving company website design, proper targeting, and conversion optimization. Your moving company will quickly capitalize on closing more leads, and begin to generate your own branded website traffic, leads and booked moving jobs.


3) Organic Growth: Hyper Targeted Website Traffic

Website Traffic for Movers

Do you have a Service Area? Most do, some larger than others. Imagine having the opportunity to service every single town in your true service area. Whether they search movers near me, moving company in **TOWN**, or dozens of specific services such as Furniture Delivery, Piano Moves, Long Distance, Local, etc. If you want to see a really good list of most popular keywords, check out our SEO for Moving Companies guide. As you can see in the image above, this client’s average time on website is 1:53, which is an absolute eternity. Keep in mind 75% or more of this traffic represents people who have NO IDEA who you are, or anything about your Moving Business. This is the power of ultra targeted traffic, software, webpages and ads speaking directly to your target market.

Local SEO Google Maps for Movers is a way to pick up dozens or 100+ exclusive phone calls each month. With our approach we get your Maps, ratings and reviews, directly infront of people not only within your city, but also multiple counties away (blanketing your true service area).


4) Pay to Play: Grow Super Fast with Google Ads

Pay Per Moving Lead

Google Ads do not work for 99% of Moving Businesses because they do not have everything in place properly. You need to have the absolute best design, optimized webpages focusing on SERVICES and SERVICE AREA, and a follow up process to convert website traffic and free for all leads, turning them into Exclusive, red hot, high quality leads. Without doing these proper steps you are wasting money and/or hoping for the best, versus following a processs, analyzing data, and making objective decisions. See how we created 940 ads for one client, with our best practices for Google Ads Pay Per Click for Moving Companies writeup.


5) Follow Up: Squeeze Value and Get More Booked Jobs

Facebook and Instagram Remarketing Ads MoversBoost

Not everyone books on the first phone call. Sometimes it takes a follow up process to turn cold traffic into a warm lead, and upgrade it to a scorching hot, exclusive lead. Remarketing is an old tactic, but MoversBoost does it in a new way. Now when someone is browsing the internet we follow them around with your moving company. Best of all, it’s only people who were once on the website, so we know for a fact they are in the market for a move, versus random people on Facebook, Instagram, and browsing websites on Google. By getting right back infront of 50-600 people per month (based on your website traffic), you’ll definitely close at least 1 more job with just this one tactic. Some clients are closing 25+ moves per month with this one tactic alone, moves they would have otherwise lost to their competition, or most likely never won due to lack of follow up.


6) Moving Company Phone Call Leads: What Gets Measured Gets Done: Full Reporting

Moving Company Digital Marketing Agency

Here you can see 208 phone calls for this client in the last 30 days. MoversBoost tracks all calls, and the source of them: Organic SEO, Google Maps (Local), Google Ads (Direct Extension Ads), and Google Ads (Click Through to Website), SMS/Text Leads, Facebook and Instagram Remarketing.


7) Moving Request a Quote Leads: Form Tracking

Moving Company Request a Quote Leads

113 Moving Request a Quote form leads. Best of all, these are exclusive! This is important because other networks or platforms such as Thumbtack are amazing. We recommend them in our How to Market a New Moving Business guide. This goes hand in hand with proper website design and conversion optimization. MoversBoost lead forms are intuitive, easy to use, and provide the exact information your sales team needs to follow up and secure the booked job.


8) Built for Growth: Flexible Scaling

Advertising for Moving Companies

Most SEO and digital marketing agencies focus on one city. Because MoversBoost completely blankets your area with a database, SEO, and hyper targeted ads, we are able to easily double, triple, and even 20X your marketing budget, while providing positive Returns on Investment (ROI) with positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). This isn’t theory. We leave that to giant national agencies and professors. MoversBoost is in the trenches and this is working right now. Advantages do not last forever, so it’s critical to take action against your competition, or you run the risk of losing even more market share, which is a negative cycle where you get farther and farther behind each day. We respect and value proactive clients who really love what they do, and just want to do more of it. Hate what you do, but want to make more $? Join a Forex forum or a Get Rich Quick seminar. If you are a legitimate moving company, with a marketing budget, get on our calendar so we can partner together against your competition.

Results? Hundreds of Exclusive Phone Call and Form Submission Leads

Phone Call Leads for Movers

Moving Leads

We have clients receiving hundreds of phone calls and lead form submissions each month. Best of all, they are 100% EXCLUSIVE. MoversBoost understands the role shotgun Free-For-All Lead providers offer, but the best thing is these leads are warmed up, red hot, and specifically contacting  you for you – not just a quote. There is a huge difference between a high quality lead, and a tire-kicker. Just ask one of our clients.


Buy Moving Leads

We believe that it all comes down to proof. An outstanding SEO company should always be able to show you substantiated examples and case studies of other Moving Company clients who have had great success using their services. Here is one such example for a client in Atlanta, Georgia who work in an extremely competitive market. We have been able to get them top page placement on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for a number of their most important keywords in their area.


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