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9 Critical Points for Organic Search Rankings and Traffic for your Moving Business Website

But I’m on the Bottom of page 2!

If you aren’t ranking number one, or towards the top of page 1, you are missing out on the Lion share of new business. Gone are the days of “free” traffic. Search Engine Optimization requires objectively being the best in class across every measurable metric. Google Ads and other Platforms are marginalizing organic results, because they are private businesses which want paid traffic clicks and revenue. 

1) Backend Optimization: Are you Clear and Concise?

SEO for Movers

If you go to Google and search: Google Structured Data Testing Tool, you’ll be able to input your website and see how Google bot views your backend of your website and/or webpages.

Our client’s have perfect code, showcasing all their social media, relevant information, services, and even each review they ever received, manually coded so Google bot views them as real reviews.


2) In Bed with Google? That’s Disgusting!

Mobile Search Engine Rankings for Movers

Did you know Google has a technology it not only endorses, but it also owns? If you Google, Google Accelerated Mobiles Pages test, you’ll be able to see if your mobile website is using this new technology. This is such a game changing platform because it loads your website instantly along with all your webpages, text, and media. Best of all, it’s a terrific human being experience, and it’s served up by the 800 lb Gorilla, itself.


3) SPAM is the Path Paved to SEO Hell

Moving Company Link Building

There are two distinct mindsets when approaching SEO for your moving business.

A) Results by any means necessary

B) Results now, and results later

If your agency is getting you listed on link farms, or fake websites created to trick search engines, it’s at best a house of cards which will have diminishing long term returns, or worst, an anchor to the bottom of page 10. At MoversBoost we get our clients listed on real websites in their cities, states, and social media shares to validate/prove these are real people. A mention of your moving business online is either spam or real. You may justify it to yourself, but the end result is always the same – short term results at best, spinning your wheels, “forcing” or attempting to force rankings (which is a refusal to acknowledge other issues such as User Experience, Web design, and Branding).


4) Transparency in Promotions. You can’t Fake Steak

Moving Company Public Relations

Instead of getting listed on low quality directories, fake blogs, fake websites, and fake social media, our clients receive REAL near and super long term organic SEO search engine optimization rankings from geo-targeted bloggers, website owners, and directories – which is exactly the point of the internet and a ranking system.


5) Our Services = ALL Our Service Area = ALL

Content Marketing for Moving Businesses

The lazy way of SEO is to just simply list everything you do in plain text. Rather than simply list it, your marketing agency needs to create separate optimized webpages for each service. You will never win against someone who is willing to get hyper-targeted with their advertising, marketing and Search Engine Optimization. MoversBoost takes this principle a step further, creating content for each city our client’s offer their moving services in; end result is a content marketing strategy which blankets your true service and service areas, resulting in red-hot exclusive leads.

Google Organic SEO for Movers

Now instead of a 1-20 page website, you can have a website which blankets hundreds if not thousands of webpages. This is a great experience for the human being visitor who needs to hire a moving company as well. The more targeted, the better overall your marketing and SEO campaign will be.

6) View Source: Think Like a Search Algorithm Robot

Rank in Google Moving Business Website

Search Engine robots do not “see” the same way humans do. User experience is critical, but so is raw data. Information and HTML help Google and Bing determine what a webpage is all about. Our client’s webpages are optimized on 15 points for all headings, HTML bold, italic, underline, blockquote, image alt text, titles and descriptions. The end result is a DOMAIN which is optimized to win, and individual webpages optimized perfectly.


7) I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours…

Keywords for Moving Companies

446 competitors exact keywords and brand names for just ONE webpage. Reverse Engineering! You don’t just have 10 competitors in your city. You have 10 UNIQUE competitors per KEYWORD PHRASE. this mindset has allowed MoversBoost to scrape all of our client’s competitors on a very precise level. This includes their brand names, and generic keywords. We use all the latest paid software tools to accomplish this task. The end result is a clean list of ultra targeted, already ranking keyword phrases for all your competitors. We then take this list, and leverage it inside Google Maps (Google My Business), your website, and 3rd party promotional websites. Now instead of relying on that one magical keyword or one magical town, we cast a very large net, and attach a laser to it, ensuring the absolute widest coverage possible for organic keyword rankings.


8) User Experience is the Glue to your Moving Companies SEO Success

Moving Company Marketing Agency

Here you can see a client’s analytics showing an average time on website of over 10 minutes! That is an absolute eternity. Moving company website design is more critical than ever. If your ranking towards page 1, but your user experience is lack luster, it sends a negative feedback loop to Google to NOT show your keyword and webpage combination. However, if your website’s interactivity, and time on website and bounce rate are optimized for conversions, your organic rankings will rise consistently and fast.


9) Traffic. A Ghost Town or Mega City?

Website Traffic Moving Keywords

Healthy websites and online marketing campaigns have multiple traffic sources. Search Engines analyze multiple data points to constantly verify and evaluate domains and its webpages. Website traffic is a powerful signal to Google a website is quality and real. Low quality websites have low time on site, and little to no website traffic. Google understands if a website is receiving traffic from Facebook, Bing, Referrals, Direct, and brand traffic, then it’s most likely worth ranking, at least as a test (in which case if your user experience is great, you will continue to rise). Inside Google Analytics and Google Chrome browser, Google tracks all website traffic. This is why it’s important to not simply rely on Organic SEO traffic for your business leads. Clients who piggy back Google Ads Pay Per Click leads for their Moving Business, have compounded results, higher rankings, more traffic, and an awesome positive feedback loop to stomp out the competition.


Results? Hundreds of Exclusive Phone Call and Form Submission Leads

Phone Call Leads for Movers

Moving Leads

We have clients receiving hundreds of phone calls and lead form submissions each month. Best of all, they are 100% EXCLUSIVE. MoversBoost understands the role shotgun Free-For-All Lead providers offer, but the best thing is these leads are warmed up, red hot, and specifically contacting  you for you – not just a quote. There is a huge difference between a high quality lead, and a tire-kicker. Just ask one of our clients.


Buy Moving Leads

We believe that it all comes down to proof. An outstanding SEO company should always be able to show you substantiated examples and case studies of other Moving Company clients who have had great success using their services. Here is one such example for a client in Atlanta, Georgia who work in an extremely competitive market. We have been able to get them top page placement on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for a number of their most important keywords in their area.


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