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“90% of New Booked Jobs from MoversBoost”



“My SEO is Going Crazy!”


“I couldn't ask for a better team”


“Only company I've ever worked with to get me REAL Results”

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“Cut my marketing budget by 50% while adding 25-30% New Business”


“Took us from just a local moving company to a major player”

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“We went from 1 Truck to 4 Trucks - overbooked with new jobs now”

We Believe Moving Companies Should Be Accelerated By Their Search Results from SEO & Internet Marketing Efforts, Not Overwhelmed or Distracted By Them.

Movers Boost Helps You…


We are Google Maps Experts to get your Google My Business Ranking in your Service Areas.


We make your reputation and local search visibility turn you into the best moving company in town!


We turn your website, landing pages and traffic sources into more local leads and more jobs.



We’ve already done all the “trial and error” work figuring out what actually works for moving companies.

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3 Easy Steps To Your Success

Movers Boost an SEO Company exclusively for movers. We use cutting edge Digital Marketing Methods that search engines love! Our Local SEO Services are custom tailored for the moving industry to make sure we get you on the first page of Google search results and in Maps for Google My Business. We understand that moving company owners are sick and tired wasting time and money hoping their marketing gets results. We take all the guess work and align our strategies to your goals.



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We learn everything we need to know about your moving company business and the goals you are trying to acheive.



Your Moving Company Digital Marketing Strategy

We build a custom SEO strategy that combines page speed, content marketing conversion optimization, Google My Business Optimization, and PPC to boost your online presence to the first page of search engines.



Get More Moving Jobs & Profit

Once we implement your moving company marketing and seo strategy is in action you will see your phone number starting to ring off the hook you will immediately start to see an increase in qualified local leads.

Are You “On The Fence”?…

We only care about one thing…
Getting You Results Just Like
Our Other Clients.

Gain A Competitive Advantage Over Your Local Moving Company Competitors



GET found

Don’t leave your online marketing search results to rookies who haven’t proven themselves. We approach SEO using proprietary technical methods that gets you to the top

better reviews

Our job is to grow and protect your business reputation online by having the right systems in place to weed out potential negative reviews and help you maintain 5-star ratings.


Leads, leads, leads! Get ready to start getting your own exclusive leads that find you in the search engines through your online marketing, not a lead vendor’s website. This will set you apart from the rest!

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We Only Work With One Moving Company Client Per Area. Don’t Let Your Competitor Hire Us Before You Do!

We put Moving Companies in the driver seat of their success online..and in the search results.

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3 Reasons Why Moving Companies Struggle To Get Any Leads or Moving Jobs Online:



Their Website is collecting cyber-dust, not leads…

The function of a website for a moving company is to bring targeted job opportunities for their moving services, not a monthly hosting invoice. Most moving companies neglect their website and get very little to no traffic and leads because of they lack proper search engine optimization, high-conversion elements, ease of navigation and professional imagery that reflects the quality of craftsmanship.



Losing clicks to competitors…

A moving company marketing strategy is not “let me see what my competitor is doing and see if this works for me..“. A moving company marketing strategy is a definite road-map that will get you found, get you known in your service area and get you hired to do the jobs you like to be working on without adding more headaches or wasting more money.



Schedule A Discovery Call

Moving Companies that want to speed up the process and gain momentum online realize that they don’t have the time to do it all themselves or to learn by trial-and-error to see what works. The ones that attempt to go at it alone end up wasting time, lose money and could have been spending time with their loved ones and focusing on doing what they love doing most.

Want to know what we can do for you?

SEO & Internet Marketing For Moving Companies That Won’t Settle For Less.

How Fast Will I See Results?

Results will vary from market to market, and per service.

We have found that all Google Ads & Facebook Ad campaigns start generating leads within 7 days of the campaign launch. For our SEO & Local Maps optimization clients, our clients start to see SERP (rankings) movement within 45 days of the campaign launch. This is completely dependent on the competitive landscape, and we’ll set realistic expectations during our demo call.

We highly encourage you to jump on a strategy call and see how fast you can start generating moving job leads for your business!

Does SEO Really Work For Moving Companies?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective marketing channel for moving companies, and it works like gangbusters when implemented correctly.

Our SEO strategy tackles all angles for moving job lead acquisition. It all starts with market reconnaissance & analysis. We’ll discover what opportunities are available to you in your service area. From there, we’ll determine the best course of action for getting your website and Google My Business (Google Maps) optimized so that it can generate hot and highly targeted leads for your business and you will discover that seo for moving companies can work when it is done by the experts.

How Much Do You Charge?

We charge less than a full time marketing employee and have between 4-7 moving company marketing professionals working on your campaign every single month…

Our marketing plans are priced affordably and in direct relation to what the marketing program includes. We’ve made it easy so that any moving company can easily afford our services. Give us a call to learn more.

What Exactly Do You Do?

We specialize in delivering effective internet marketing services for moving companies.

Our proven marketing system is built upon 3 core pillars for getting you more moving job leads:

  1. Custom High-Converting Website. Without this component, every other marketing effort gets poor to little results.
  2. Targeted Traffic. We align our marketing strategies with your goals and ensure it grows with you. From Google Maps Optimization, Google Organic Rankings, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Ads we’ll get you the best traffic for your business.
  3. Relentless Optimization. We don’t stop at simply looking at your Google Analytics. We take a deep dive at your traffic flow, conversions, quality of leads, lead follow up systems, your sales system, and ensure it’s running at its best and adapts to your goals.
What Services Do You Offer?

We are digital marketing experts and work exclusively with moving companies. Our Marketing Program encompasses all touch points of a prospective client for moving companies. Our services offered include:

  • Local Maps Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Listing Management
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Chatbots
  • Google Ads (Lead Generation)
  • Web Design
  • Re-Marketing
  • and much more!

Contact us today to see how we can help your moving company business.

How Are You Different Than Other Agencies?
  • We specialize in marketing moving company services.
  • We focus on objectively being better in the “eyes” of Google.
  • We do what we say we’ll do.
  • We get results.

Imagine if you decided to be a roofer on Monday, mover on Tuesday, painter on Wednesday, electrician on Thursday… Well, that’s how 99.9% of Internet Marketing Agencies operate. They take an Attorney on Monday, Chiropractor on Tuesday, Roofer on Wednesday, a Moving Company on Thursday… and when it comes time to deliver results, it’s a hit or miss.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting.

We know all the keywords.

We know where your residential clients are looking for you.

We know what makes your clients tick, click, and call…

Just give us a call and see the difference.


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