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Moving Leads (Exclusive) Phone Calls & Request a Quote Submissions

Leads Direct to your Moving Business. Call Tracking. Form Tracking. Complete System Done For You.

“I’m in Talks with 7 Other Movers…”

Are your “leads” now, a free for all race to the bottom? If a lead can talk to you like a dog, such as “just give me a price!”, then you only have yourself to blame; the general public will always treat you the way you have positioned yourself in your business. Don’t believe me? Try contacting All My Sons and say “just give me a damn quote”, and see how far you get. If you do not have a complete system in place to turn these types of leads into a warmer, more exclusive lead, then you are losing booked jobs every month.

MoversBoost helps moving companies differentiate themselves from their competition, through a complete marketing funnel. Best of all, this isn’t some lofty goal of being the next Apple for movers. It’s rooted in results based tactics, in the FIRST 30 Days.

1) “I’m Researching Movers Near Me”

Moving Company Brand Marketing

This should be a positive statement for a moving company who has all their ducks in a row. However, if a prospect does ANY type of due diligence, they might discover you have little to no reviews, an outdated website, or worse, no website, and no Google Map listing. MoversBoost first priority is to turn these researchers into your best possible leads. We want them to research our clients, because if they do, you will earn the booked job. It’s important to realize if you are purchasing leads from Thumbtack and other shotgun providers, if you can increase the close rate, you will close more booked jobs and earn more money while growing your business.


2) $8 – $25 per lead Average. Exclusive. 248 Leads+

Moving Company Phone Call Leads

We have clients spending tens of thousands of dollars per month, and they are all receiving more exclusive leads, booking more jobs, and making more money overall for their moving business. These leads are higher quality than shotgun, free for all leads, and are actually very affordable when compared to all other lead generation sources. One client spending $5000 per month received 192 phone calls and 50 Request a Quote form submissions.

The most powerful aspect is our clients are investing in themselves. Each month, this number increases and the cost per lead continues to decrease. We have one client, who is routinely reaching 60+ exclusive leads a month, paying only $497, equating to an average of $8 per exclusive red hot leads.

Request a Price Quote Moving Company Contact Form Leads

These form submissions are GOLD! This is because the lead is warmed up through our MoversBoost marketing funnel. Your potential customers will know your brand exists, they will have researched it, consumed everything about you online, and made an informed, conscious decision to contact YOU personally, your moving company. Now they won’t talk to you like a dog – GIVE ME A QUOTE! You have commanded respect because you positioned yourself to command respect. All the other fly-by-night moving companies continue to fight over scraps because they do not have these advantages and marketing funnels in place. Stop relying on your low pricing, or amazing sales ability, and rely on a process, because you offer the best moving services, at a great value, compared to your national bloated competitors, who are eating your lunch right now.

3) 70% ? Increase in Moving Jobs Close Rates

Quality Moving Leads

Our clients tell us every day. They are closing more booked jobs, at a substantially higher rate with us, than without us. Joel, of Mudanza Moving and Cleaning said 7 out of 10 times when his phone rings or someone fills out the request a quote form, he closes them, and before us it was mostly tire kickers, Price Quote shopping warriors, and people who didn’t respect his time or services. Now, when someone contacts him, they know if they want the best, and live in Valdosta, Georgia, they are LUCKY if he can do their move. The conversation has shifted from a free for all, race to the bottom, price lowering desperation to increasing value, warming up the lead, and winning booked moving jobs by standing apart from your competition.


4) Can I still Buy Leads from Thumbtack, etc?

Thumbtack Moving Leads

Yes, but you don’t have to once you control your own destiny. If you are buying leads now, or doing any type of marketing for your business, it’s even more critical you have everything in place. When you purchase a lead, or earn a referral, you are competing against 2-7 movers; how do you separate yourself from the pack? When they research you, we win. From the professional moving company website design, to our follow up process remarketing on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display Network. Now, instead of being another faceless, nameless organization, your moving company’s online marketing strategy has warmed up an extremely cold lead, into a much warmer, valuable prospect.

MoversBoost helps save clients from the endless hamster wheel of Thumbtack, and other providers. By increasing your close rate immediately, we help save you money, and make these platforms a tool in your arsenal, rather than a feast or famine crutch. Every month our clients generate more new exclusive leads through website traffic generation in the form of SEO for Moving Companies, Local Rankings Google Maps for Movers, and Google Ads for Moving Leads.


5) How Does MoversBoost Track Leads?

Moving Call Leads

MoversBoost tracks everything properly. When the phone rings, we know why. When a Request a Quote form is submitted we know why. Of course, overall you will be getting more leads, and more booked jobs, but it’s important for your marketing agency to track everything. We use Callrail and Google Analytics Goals to track form submissions. Whether the click came from Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, referrals (Thumbtack, etc), Google My Business (Google Maps), Facebook and Instagram, we track everything from start to finish. We do not record phone calls for privacy reason, but each month you receive a full report of total leads, and a breakdown by source attribution to know where the bulk of your new business is coming from, in terms of marketing dollars and results.

Mover Form Leads

We sync Google Analytics with Google search console and Google Ads along with Callrail conversion tracking. This means even if someone comes to the website from a Google Ad, the phone number dynamically changes so we can properly report it as a Google Ad lead and not a “Website” lead. MoversBoost leaves nothing to chance. We track results, and we do daily and monthly activities each month to actively grow your business. We are not interested in bunting, or a 30 day relationship. We want to see you succeed, because we have a loose partnership, and when you succeed, MoversBoost keeps a happy client and succeeds as well. Mutual benefit in a cut-throat industry.


6) Full Reporting: Transparency in Service and Value

Website Traffic Moving Company

Lead Tracking Moving Company

Leads are the life blood to any moving business. Not only do we track leads, we also track website performance via Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business (maps), along with Facebook and Instagram. Now you can visually see which webpages and cities are performing well, and which ones need more attention.

Results? Hundreds of Exclusive Phone Call and Form Submission Leads

Phone Call Leads for Movers

Moving Leads

We have clients receiving hundreds of phone calls and lead form submissions each month. Best of all, they are 100% EXCLUSIVE. MoversBoost understands the role shotgun Free-For-All Lead providers offer, but the best thing is these leads are warmed up, red hot, and specifically contacting  you for you – not just a quote. There is a huge difference between a high quality lead, and a tire-kicker. Just ask one of our clients.


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We believe that it all comes down to proof. An outstanding SEO company should always be able to show you substantiated examples and case studies of other Moving Company clients who have had great success using their services. Here is one such example for a client in Atlanta, Georgia who work in an extremely competitive market. We have been able to get them top page placement on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for a number of their most important keywords in their area.


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