Long Distance Moving Leads (Exclusive)

Interstate (Out of State or Cross Country) Long Distance Carrier Booking Leads

Leads Direct to your Moving Business. Call Tracking. Form Tracking. Complete System Done For You.

What Does the Long Distance Moving Lead Look Like?

Long Distance Moving Leads

Cross Country Moving Leads

Long distance moves are the holy grail of leads…best of all they are EXCLUSIVE! The quote can come in multiple ways, 99% of the time they are phone calls or quote form submissions. Can easily see the prospects name, email, phone, starting location, destination (moving to location). We also track all phone calls with Callrail to determine quality and verification of the lead.

What is the source of the lead?

MoversBoost has a network of marketing channels to generate Cross Country moving leads from groups on Facebook, to mailing lists, and also optimizing your online funnel to create a system of consistent, high quality long distance moving leads to keep your crew on the road and your calendar full while your bank balance stays stuffed.

Will all Long Distance Moving Leads be similar?

We get the cream of the crop because we work with a network of realtors, and other professionals to obtain early access to leads before they sign on the dotted line with a moving company other than your own. We can’t jump into the person’s mind, but we target multi-bedroom households looking to move out of state, or across the country. 

Common Long Distance Moving Leads include:

Houses/Homes 1-6 bedroom


Commercial Business Relocation


Gun Safes

Labor Only (Loading and Unloading)

Furniture Delivery

Furniture Disassembly / Assembly


Senior Assisted

One piece or Oversized Item Moves

It’s as simple as letting us know your true coverage area (starting service area), and we’ll tap into our network and build out a custom plan to ensure you convert your existing leads at a higher rate, and obtain 100% fresh transparent, exclusive phone calls and e-quote submissions.

How Much Do Long Distance Moving Leads Cost?

Long Distance Moving Phone Call Leads

If you are a licensed carrier (not a brokerage), long distance leads can transform your business and increase your cash flow. The quick hitter local moves are fantastic (we get those too), but cross country, complex moves demand more skill and sophistication, which equates to more cash in your business. Everything is tracked via Form submissions and Cal tracking. There is no guesswork, no surprises, and no haggling over “bad leads” since we have all the data and only believe in a long term relationship with our moving clients.