Labor Moving Leads (Exclusive)

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What Does the Labor Only Lead Look Like?

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Labor Only Moving Leads are a great way to win jobs away from larger, national companies. Whether a prospect is looking for loading or unloading of their trucks, this is a way to supplement or replace Yelp, Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor, HireaHelper type shared mover leads.

What is the source of the lead?

Typically these types of jobs are local, and quick / very profitable even though very straight forward. This allows our clients to make money on nearly every type of lead and traffic source. Most people looking over movers near me, or labor only movers, or cheap / affordable movers need this exact type of moving service. They need muscle, and if you have it, then you will book it, make money and continue onwards.

Will all Labor Moving Jobs Be Similar?

Yes and No. Sometimes people want Labor + a Truck, or strictly labor. Sometimes it’s an old lady who needs a couch lifted and put in another room, or a family packing up a U-Haul who just needs someone with a strong back to help them on their journey. With MoversBoost process, we warm up the leads and maximize its value to you, so you can book the job, service it, make money, get a great review, and continue building your empire.

Common Labor Moving Leads include:

Houses/Homes 1-6 bedroom



Gun Safes

Loading / Unloading Trucks

Furniture Delivery

Furniture Disassembly / Assembly


Senior Assisted Living Downsizing or Estate Sales

One piece or Oversized Item Moves

Every town you are happy to service, every zip code and county, we combine with Labor Only laser targeted traffic with a follow up process to get the absolute most leads per $ from your marketing budget.

How Much Do Labor Moving Leads Cost?

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If you are ready to hustle, and you don’t mind earning your money, Labor type moves provide a way for you to keep your crews and yourself busy, while maintaining cash flow, growing happy customers, referrals, reviews / reputation, and getting more reps under your belt. It’s a very honest, straight forward service, and a great way for you to generate more revenue for your moving company with proper marketing channels and processes.


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