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#1 Generating your Own: Based on 115 moving clients, the best moving leads are always referrals and generated directly by the business – these are known as EXCLUSIVE leads, as you do not have to “share” them and compete against other relocation companies.. Branding, SEO, Google Pay Per Click Ads, Social advertising, etc can be a big initial investment, but it has the highest Return On Investment (ROI) for moving companies that choose to invest in their own lead generating funnels. MoversBoost helps companies generate their own leads AND squeeze more value and higher close rates from shared leads selling providers. Read: Why Shared Moving Leads Don’t have to Suck as Much Here is a list of moving lead selling platforms and providers. If you would like us to add one or have a suggestion please send to [email protected] A detailed write up is provided for each moving lead provider below via a hyperlink/webpage.

2) Thumbtack:

Thumbtack Moving Leads Millions of customers come to Thumbtack to find pros like you. Customers see search results in real-time with profiles, ratings, and more. They can then filter the results to find the pros who are a good match.

3) Yelp:

Yelp Moving Leads' Grow your business faster Reach 3X more potential customers Create your ad within minutes Only pay when someone clicks your ad

4) Angi:

Angi Moving LeadsBusiness Apps Manage your business like a pro Build and Send Quotes   We make it easy to build and send job quotes to potential customers. Request Payment On the Go   Send invoices and take payments, all while you’re on the job. Integrate with Your QuickBooks Account   Integrate Quickbooks with your Angi Ads account to track and manage all quotes and payments.

5) HomeAdvisor:

HomeAdvisor Moving LeadsFull control over your leads Get leads that fit your preferences Control your budget Set a spend target to control your lead flow Commitment free Cancel anytime

6) Craigslist:

Craigslist Moving LeadsPost classified ads in your target cities Not guaranteed leads

7) Moving LeadsOur partners have access to moving customers in need of a variety of moving services, as well as the tools and the assistance to increase their online exposure and grow their business. Add your company to the growing network of satisfied relocation professionals.

8) Moving LeadsReach more moving customers! The network of sites reaches over 80 million unique users a month. Compete with no more than three other licensed and insured moving companies. Customize your lead campaign to meet your exact business needs. Save money by only paying for the leads you receive. Reliable phone and email validationTrack your leads with our comprehensive online reporting tool

9) Google Guarantee (Local Service Ads)

Google Guarantee (Local Service Ads) Moving LeadsLocal Services ads help you connect with people who search on Google for the services you offer. Your ads will show up for customers in your service area, and you only pay if a customer calls or messages you directly through the ad.

10) Hire a Helper:

Hire a Helper Moving LeadsZero risk. Quit any time. HireAHelper charges 29% on all orders. That means we only get paid when you get paid. We don’t do sign up fees, there are no monthly fees, and there are literally no contracts. If you don’t want to be on the marketplace, you can quit at any time.

11) Moving LeadsSelect a service to fit any budget. Via Targeted Mailers Pay-per-lead. No monthly subscriptions. No contracts or long-term commitments.

12) Moving LeadsJoin our professional network to gain access to customers that are actively seeking your services. Getting leads for your moving company with our team offers benefits and personalized information that other providers can’t do. When you choose you will have access to the following information:     Leads are text-verified & screened to ensure high quality.     A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you.     Industry leading technology that will help you grow your revenue.

13) USA Home Listings

USA Home Listings Moving LeadsUSA Home Listings gives movers the power to zero in on the right potential clients to pursue. By matching addresses to real people, we allow you to personalize advertisements and stand out. The net result is superior conversion rates on mail openings. The intelligence gained by using USA Home Listings enables movers to adjust marketing strategies for better results.

14) Moving Shortly

Moving Shortly Moving LeadsWe give you 100% control over your direct mail marketing campaign and allow you to create lead lists based on the exact criteria you select – which results in bringing you customers who aren’t just looking for the cheapest mover. You can also use our platform to monitor your campaign’s conversions by setting up call tracking right within the dashboard.

15) Home Bullentin

Home Bullentin Moving Leadsclose 50% more jobs with quality moving leads delivered to you in real time. 100% authentic, low distribution email and phone verified moving company leads. Buy long distance, interstate, local, intrastate moving leads, as well as, international and auto transport moving leads.   16) Today’s consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet as their chosen source for information and resources. This has made the Internet the largest source for connections between consumers and service providers across many service categories – including Moving and Relocation. Today, approximately 80% of all property searches originate on the Internet and these consumers searching online represent your next moving customer.

17) MyMovingReviews

MyMovingReviews Moving LeadsWe understand. There is nothing more frustrating than investing in leads, which hardly convert to paying customers. You get not only phone number verification protection, but also moving leads, which are shared with no more than 3 other moving companies– and it’s very likely that some leads would be exclusively for you. Get real-time leads delivery for both phone calls and web leads – no delays.

18) MoveMatcher

MoveMatcher Moving LeadsOur Mission Deliver a simple and trustworthy experience that empowers people to book a mover they can trust. Our Vision Bring people and moving companies together to create happier moves.

19) MovingCompanyReviews

MovingCompanyReviews Moving leadsWe were founded in 2012 by Shannon Cullins and Doug Breaker to help create happy moves! MCR verifies every review with a Bill of Lading (move receipt) to ensure it was written by a real customer for a real move. Customers receive free pizza as a thank you on move day when they share their move day experience through an easy and automated phone review system. MCR features over 7,000 movers on the site; more than 1,000 of those movers receive free leads when consumers request a quote from them.

20) MoveAdvisor

MoveAdvisor Moving leadsThe moving assistant you’ve always needed. Save my time, save my money, save me from troubles – all you need when moving. And just because this looked impossible we decided to create the MoveAdvisor app. Moving is associated with a great deal of negativity – starting from the inconvenience when changing homes, uncertainty when going to a new location, the financial planning, dealing with movers and organizing the whole relocation. It doesn’t have to be like that. We had to change that, we had to do something.

21) iRelocate

iRelocate Moving leads.pngiRelocate generates real-time leads for moving companies throughout the United States and Canada. Customers actively seeking a local, long distance or cross-border moving quote visit our website to submit a request. We customize each account to match origination, destinations, move size and lead budget. Our month by month payment program has no long-term commitments or sign up fees. Spend less time searching for potential customers and more time booking moves.

22) LeadGrab

LeadGrab Moving leadsOur leadership team has nearly 20 years of experience in the lead generation and affiliate marketing world. Our combination of analytical data science and cutting-edge AI technology allows us to take your company’s revenue potential to the next level.

23) TheMovingBlog

TheMovingBlog Moving leadsMoving leads As you can see, at we generate moving leads from people that are looking for professional moving companies. Currently, we are working with My Moving Loads and all our leads are sent over to them. If you want to try these leads for your moving business, please contact them directly from here. We guarantee the quality!

24) Moving leadsMoving tips is a site made by professionals in the moving industry to help all those tens of millions of people relocating every year. This site is intended to be a one-stop guide for all about moving.


IRELO Moving LeadsVinnie and Jinx had just gotten married, bought an auto transport company from Vinnie’s father and grew the business from 5 to 50 employees in just a few years. As the company kept growing, they realized they needed a better way than the yellow pages to find customers. The internet was a new concept and they knew they needed to integrate technology into their business.

26) TriGlobal

TriGlobal Moving LeadsSerious about a sustainable future for our moving industry. TriGlobal is the market leader in lead generation, moving reviews and mover-efficient technology. Our drive is to connect moving companies to consumers, efficiently.

27) TopMovingCompany4U

TopMovingCompany4U Moving LeadsAre you a Mover and need Moving Leads in your area? Do you want to put your company Ad in our site? Target your area & Get Fresh Moving Leads.

28) Moving LeadsHigh Quality Moving Leads Our #1 goal is to provide our movers with high quality leads. We monitor our lead flow to ensure that only the best leads come through. Our validation software helps us spot potential bad leads so we can provide you with only the best. Customize Your Campaign Build your campaign to best suite your business needs and maximize your ROI. We have a no obligation contract, so you can cancel at any time and receive a refund on your unused budget.

29) Quotes At Home

Quotes At Home Moving LeadsLeverage the Power of the Internet and Generate More Business with Quotes At Home! Compared to traditional advertising, online advertising is a much more affordable and cost-effective means of building your brand, generating traffic to your website, and- most importantly- generating new business. The Internet is the only place where your message is available to consumers anytime, 24 hours a day. You are reaching your customers when they are choosing to be reached and not depending on them seeing your ad in the yellow pages or newspaper.

30) Compare My Move

Compare My Move Moving LeadsHigh quality leads, a dedicated Account Manager, and a team of digital marketing specialists make Compare My Move the professional choice for lead generation

31) Moving LeadsFish where the fish are biting. Your customers are living the “Internet Lifestyle;” it’s where they bank, where they buy music and books and airplane tickets, where they find roofers and electricians– and most importantly, where they go first to find the resources they need to help them move.

32) LeadScrape

LeadScrape Moving LeadsFinding new leads has never been this easy! Discover B2B companies in any industry. Generate more leads for your business and convert them into customers.

33) ETN America

ETN America Moving LeadsToday’s competitive business environment demands quality leads to drive sales. An ideal company, to us, is the company that is able to turn most leads into actual customers. This apparently is why ETN America launched the ‘Ping Post Platform. The Ping Post Platform is a platform provided by our company where affiliates and advertisers are able to buy and sell leads through a real-time auction for every single lead they make.

34) Moving24

Moving24 Moving LeadsIn 2015, 147 000 households requested a quotation via Moving24 and affiliated websites. 90% said that these quotations enabled them to obtain considerable savings on the work they contracted to have done.

35) EquateMedia

EquateMedia Moving LeadsWe do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to moving leads. We will help you get the leads YOU want. With customized filtering you can be sure that the leads we develop for you will be exactly the leads you’re looking for. With controls to filter by location, size of move, and move date; you can set your campaign exactly to your liking.

36) QuoteRunner

QuoteRunner Moving LeadsReal Time The newest leads are sent to you in real time immediately connecting you with interested customers. Built by Us Our in house Marketing and Tech Teams custom build all the sites and tools we run: meaning we don’t rely on third parties to get answers and resolve issues.

37) MovingAuthority

MovingAuthority Moving LeadsDo you work on behalf of a moving company that’s looking to receive moving leads? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Moving Authority can supply you with high-quality leads right now. There are some requirements to keep in mind before you buy the leads: – You must have a moving license. – Your company has to decide which area it would like to receive pick-ups. – You must have the capability to fulfill pick-up

38) MovingHelp

MovingHelp Moving LeadsMoving Help® Service Providers are independent labor providers who advertise safe, convenient, and reliable moving services on both and The movers found on our site offer services such as packing, loading, and cleaning. Start your own moving business today!

39) Unpakt

Unpakt Moving LeadsUnpakt is an online marketplace where customers can compare guaranteed prices for available moving and storage companies in their area and book online at anytime day or night.

40) OneEntry

OneEntry Moving leadsSuppliers around the world turn to OneEntry for high quality lead generation. Since 2000, we have been helping both small and large businesses grow their sales results via fresh customer inquiries. Whether you run a small independent telemarketing agency or a large multinational moving corporation, OneEntry is the link between you and your potential customers.

41) Just Listed Mailers

Just Listed Mailers Moving LeadsWith our exclusive direct mail campaign, we will get you in front of your customers faster than anyone else.

42) Moving LeadsBuy moving leads from our network of moving websites, Our moving websites generate organic leads and live call transfers nationwide. Stop buying shared leads, Increase your booking odds by 40% with our verified Exclusive Moving Leads.

43) Data Axle Genie

Data Axle Genie Moving LeadsWe invest over $20 million every year to ensure our business and consumer records are kept up to date. 2 million+ data updates monthly

44) Linkedin Marketing Solutions

Linkedin Marketing Solutions Moving LeadsQualified leads come from a quality audience Use professional demographic data to target the right people by job title, company, industry, seniority, and more. Retarget website visitors, reach contacts, and build account-based marketing campaigns with Matched Audiences, a set of custom targeting options.

45) MoverJunction  

MoverJunction Moving LeadsThe biggest goal for any business is to increase revenue, boost sales & grow profits. But in order for these things to happens, all parts of the business must operate like a well-oiled machine. Especially your sales team. MoverJunction leads are highly-targeted and have among the highest conversion rates in the industry, which translates into more sales for your business.

46) Wendover Corp

Wendover Corp Moving LeadsAt Wendover Corporation, our proudest professional moments are when our clients close deals their competition never even knew about. We don’t just identify hot moving leads; we connect with you on a personal level and make sure you have proven, sustainable business development processes in place to get the most out of the opportunities we uncover.

47) Moving LeadsFrom time to time we getting some leads for services such as local and long distance moves. We send these leads to movers who join our moving leads plan (For each zip code there is only 1 moving company who can get relevant lead). We can’t commit to a large number of leads daily or weekly at the moment, but we can commit to a high quality leads.

48) Moving LeadsDo you own a moving company? Are you searching for exclusive, long-distance moving leads? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve been matching people in need of full service movers with moving companies for over 15 years.

49) PackMen

PackMen Moving LeadsWhat Is The Cost For Shared Local Leads? Local intrastate shared leads cost between $4.00 – $12.00 pending on the location and move size. What Is The Cost For Shared Long Distance Leads? Long distance interstate shared leads cost between $7.00 – $15.00 pending on the location and move size.

50) Shifting Suvidha

Shifting Suvidha Moving LeadsDo you wish to make your packing and moving business grow without investing hefty amounts in marketing? If yes, then Shifting Suvidha is the best place online to bring success to your business venture. Now, you don’t have to pay on expensive advertisements or junk leads to generate business. Our company will help you connect with the most genuine leads desperately looking for best packers and movers in their locality.Do you wish to make your packing and moving business grow without investing hefty amounts in marketing? If yes, then Shifting Suvidha is the best place.

51) MovingChecklist

MovingChecklist Moving LeadsMoving company owners, join’s network today, Buy residential or commercial at a very low competitive rate. As a national moving leads provider we sell moving companies the following types:

52) Movers Exposed

Movers Exposed Moving LeadsOther lead sellers cannot even come close to the quality of our leads: Not only our customers are ready to move with an exact date in mind, most of the time, they will book movers’ service within 24-48 hours! More: You will NEVER compete against more than 4 other moving companies. That’s right. That’s our promise to you. Compare this to other lead sellers, when, in most cases, lead is being sent to 6,7,8 or, in some cases, even more moving companies.

53) Ping Tree Systems

Ping Tree Systems Moving LeadsBUY QUALIFIED MOVING LEADS FOR YOUR MOVING COMPANY Complete This Quick 1 Minute Survey & Get Your Free Moving leads Quote – No Registration Required

54) MovingRelocation


55) PoweredByPros

PoweredByPros Moving LeadsMoving to a new place is a part of life. As the costs of living are rising in many major cities, Americans are seeking out less expensive alternatives. That’s why we have seen such a spike in moving jobs. Every day at PoweredByPros, customers throughout America contact us looking for moving professionals in their area.

56) Moving LeadsTargeted moving leads for your company’s area. When you sign up with us, you’ll have the opportunity to get your message out to individuals who are seeking the specific services you offer, in the area where you offer them. The leads we provide come directly from people who have requested quotes for local moving companies. We deliver these requests directly to your inbox.

57) Moving LeadsLong Distance/ Interstate Movers Gain a listing in our network of leading moving companies and have access to the largest volume of quality long distance moving leads on the Internet. Local/ Intrastate Movers Our leading local moving directory provides local moving companies national reach and consistent and predictable intrastate moving leads.

58) Moving LeadsEvery customer may not be a guaranteed sale, but significantly higher traffic allows affiliates to display their services to a diverse audience. If an upfront sale is not made, the customer is still likely to return when they need moving services in the future. Movingley uses leads from hundreds of different companies scattered throughout the nation. Although our primary focus is on moving companies, our database also includes leads from auto transportation businesses, rental vehicle firms, and storage facilities.

How do I get leads for moving jobs?

Leads for a moving company can either be bought or generated. Bought leads are typically shared leads from platforms such as Thumbtack, Angi, or captured and optimized by using tactics MoversBoost recommends such as updated Website design, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Ads Pay Per Click, Google Guaranteed (Local Service Ads). Moving leads are cheaper when shared, but also less quality. Exclusive, or just 1 mover access to a lead is more expensive yet higher quality.

What are Moving Lead Providers?

Lead providers are platforms or services who do not actually provide moving services directly; they gather information from people who need to move such as starting zip code, destination zip code, moving date requested, type of move, number of bedrooms, and oversized specialty items. Unlike brokers, moving lead providers sell leads to verified licensed movers, locally and long distance (interstate moves). Brokerages in the moving industry generate (or purchase their own leads), book the deal, and then subcontract out to a 3rd party moving company. Moving lead providers can sell leads individually or in bundle deals. They can sell to multiple movers, or exclusive best quality moving leads.

How do I find someone who is moving?

The best way to find someone moving is at the point of their exact need, which is using search engines such as Google, Bing and Duckduckgo. The most common searches are “movers near me” or “moving company in [insert location here]”. This search intent can be targeted with SEO or Google Ads to a specific moving company quote landing webpage. Alternatively there are MLS listings and direct mailing services which can automatically mail out a mailer to someone once they sell or list their home. The rationale is once someone sells their house, they will need to move into a new apartment, home, or assisted living facility.

Do Moving Leads Work?

Moving companies need leads in order to book jobs on their schedule. Without leads a business relies solely on referrals. Moving leads are higher quality if the lead is generated. Purchased bought leads are weaker but can still convert at a higher rate with a professional website, landing page funnel, remarketing social media ads on Facebook and Instagram, Youtube videos to increase time on website and add humanity to the website, along with an easy to use Equote form to request a moving quote.


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    It's great to do Bussness with you guys .you are very professional and responsive .
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    Owner of Bearded Brothers Moving Group in the Youngstown Ohio Area. We have tried other marketing strategies, but nothing as close to what Matt had to offer. He gave us a zoom conference call and broke down the science to his madness. We gave him and shot, and can't thank him enough! We have grown so much since we been working together! We will be continuing our workmanship to keep growing as a team! Matt thank you for keeping your word and dedication to success on both ends!
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    The moversboost team has been wonderful. They are attentive to our needs and always go above and beyond. Working with them has made a huge impact on our business's would recommend to anyone.
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    I own a moving company in Chicago called Ondemand Movers USA. Honestly Matt has been really helpful from the first day we spoke . Every time I need anything done he comes through in a clutch, unlimited updates to my websites. We had some issues with our google page, Matt was very very helpful in getting out page restored . MoversBoost is the real deal.
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    Matt from MoversBoost is the real deal! He delivers what he promises, and goes above and beyond what any company would deliver. Instant responses and proven results. If you're looking to boost your website and overall business, contact Matt from MoversBoost! Thanks again for all your help.
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    Honestly if I could' I would give MoversBoost 10 STARS ⭐️!!! Matt @ MoversBoost has done exactly what their name says the do! He/they have boosted my ready to move, ready to pay, ready to sign a moving service agreement customer type calls to 7 out of 10. My phone doesn't ring all day like with GoogleAdds but if it rings 10 times, 7 calls turn out to be ready to signed-up good paying, high quality customers! Simply put, MoversBoost is saving me time, saving me money and increasing sales which is the bottom line.- Real People - Real SEO Knowledgeable - Real Results $$$. I wholeheartedly recommend MoversBoost! Joel Cologne Owens/Operator Mudanza Moving and Cleaning Valdosta, Georgia -USA
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    Movers boost. Built my website.and promoted With seo & sem .. Went through 7 different companies and all Scammed me of my money and produced nothing. Matt is honest and reliable and response to all my emails.. My google searches are coming in at 1st & 2nd page consistently.. My business increased 20%.. Thank you matt..
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    We have been working with Movers Boost for the last 6+ months and have been more then satisfied with the professionalism and transparency of this company!! We were a little hesitant at first but we are so glad that we trusted and made the decision to proceed!!! Thanks Guys! Keep up the good work!
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    Working with Matt so far has been a great experience. He does a fantastic job keeping us updated on what's going on and the results in only one month have been game changing for us! We look forward to continue working with Matt and watching our company grow!
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Reyna C. Santana
January 26
Been hearing nothing but good things about Movers Boost. Decided to watch the webinar and now I booked a strategy call to learn even more. So glad I found you guys when I did.
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January 25
Fantastic people and amazing service! I can't recommend them highly enough.
Corey Jarvis
December 4, 2021
Ok I keep hearing about MoversBoost being the best for moving companies. Loved you on the webinar and I'm impressed with the video testimonials I just watched on your website.
Kai Perry
December 4, 2021
I was on the workshop. These guys are the real deal! I know some of their clients and I can tell you that they are crushing their local mover competitors after hiring MoversBoost.
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December 2, 2021
I was referred to MoversBoost from a friend of mine where I used to live and decided to give them a shot. Literally had my phone blowing up with new business in the first 60 days.
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December 1, 2021
Hey been working with Matt from MoversBoost for 6 months now and we have literally doubled our business in that time. 100% best decision I made.
Jhon Ridge
November 30, 2021
Just watched the workshop you guys did. Really good info. I'll be giving you a call this week about growing my moving business.
Kendra Higgins
November 7, 2021
I also saw Dan and Matt on the Oncue workshop. Really glad I attended because I got a bunch of great info. I never knew the importance of setting up Google Ads like you showed. Thanks again for taking the time to teach us.
Robinson Harriet
November 7, 2021
I was originally buying moving leads from thumbtack, but the quality just got terrible. Movers Boost helped me take control of my business by getting my own leads through search traffic. Simply amazing result!
Potter Maggie
November 6, 2021
Matt and Dan were really helpful on the workshop webinar. Learned a lot about using Google remarketing and I hope to hire you guys in the near future. Thanks.
Georgia Chandler
November 6, 2021
This is the best SEO agency for moving companies hands down!
Madeline Ross
November 4, 2021
Saw these guys on a live workshop with OnCue. Really fantastic presentation and I learned a ton. These guys know their stuff!
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