Client’s Steps (1):

Login to Google Ads

First, you’ll need your unique 10 digit ID in the top right corner. You’ll let the SEO and Digital Marketing agency know this number. They will then request access to it. You must first give them this number. Once they confirm they sent a request, follow the next steps. You can skip to Client’s Steps (2)

Google Ads for Moving Companies ID

Once you give the agency this number, you are done on your end for now

SEO and PPC Marketing Agencies Steps: (Skip if Client)

How to Link a Google Ads Account for Movers

MCC Google Ads for Movers

Client’s Steps (2):

Google Ads Manager Account for Movers

Tools and Settings ->

Add a User to Google Ads account

Access and security

Here you can Access Users or Managers tab. Most SEO and Digital marketing agencies prefer Manager access as it allows them to manage it easier vs an in-house team member which might prefer to be added as a user. In this example, go to Managers. Click + Blue button. Type in the name of the email

How to Accept Google Ads Manager Request

Accept. Done

Now the SEO and Digital marketing agency will be able to manage ads on your behalf.


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