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We help moving companies get more leads and booked jobs from their website and digital presence.

Exclusive Leads

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Software Advantages

Leads Funnel System

MoversBoost gives immediate advantages to its moving clients. Movers who want to get more traffic, leads and booked jobs rely on MoversBoost for the following:

  • Exclusive moving leads
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software to maximize ROI
  • Mover specific SEO strategies and tactics
  • Website Redesign or Work on Existing Framework
  • Hyper Targeted Landing Pages
  • Remarketing Funnels
  • Trusted Consultation

With over 116 moving company clients, MoversBoost has access to enormous amounts of data. MoversBoost knows the precise markets, strategies, keywords, organic and paid strategies to grow consistently and fast.


 MoversBoost Team

Family owned and operated business. Veteran Owned and Operated. Committed to excellence, our valued moving company clients, value, transparency, and results.

Dan Anton, CEO, MoversBoost

Dan Anton has been creating software and websites since the age of 15. After 9/11 Dan joined the United States Army, where he ascended to the rank of Major, and led hundreds of men into battle, during his two tours in Iraq. Dan is a decorated Infantry Army Ranger Major, earning two bronze stars for valor in combat. Dan is driven by a passion to create, and systemize processes to deliver efficiencies at scale for his valued clients. Dan saw many weaknesses in the moving industry, particularly in the lack of advantages many movers need to operate at a profit, not just during the busy seasons, but during the slower months as well. His ability to solve complex, separate problems under one integrated process is why MoversBoost continues to offer unmatched services and results for movers.

  • Created first website at age 15
  • Built a successful ecommerce store at 16
  • 18-21 University
  • 22-32 (Army Officer)
  • 32, Created Software for web indexing used by 30,000 users
  • 33, Created Software leveraging 100,000 Desktop and Mobile IOT devices
  • 34, Partnerships with 3 6 figure Agencies
  • 36, Traveled the world (over 30 countries) with his wife Allison
  • 38, Consultant and Speaker for Mastermind Groups
  • 39-Present, MoversBoost niche specific focus


Matt Anton, COO, MoversBoost

Matt Anton is responsible for client strategy and execution to get clients more moving leads and booked jobs. Matt worked as a laborer during college and respects hard-working men and women who want to simply do more of what they love and are good at – servicing their moving customers. By constantly collaborating with software teams, SEO, Google Ads, website design, Content marketing, and other disciplines, Matt is able to quickly analyze the best approach for movers who want to grow at all phases, whether 10-20 moves per month, or over 6,000 moves per year.

Stone Allen, Client Relations and Onboarding

Stone Allen prides himself in client relations and catering our service to directly fit the mold of your moving company. With years of consulting experience he has a fundamental understanding that nothing is one size fits all when it comes to business. Graduating from University of Oregon with a major in advertising he is currently translating that knowledge to assist with movers across the globe. Stone is always happy to assist any mover big or small in finding out if MoversBoost will be a fit for them!

Mostafa Kamal, CTO, MoversBoost

Mostafa has both credentials and real world experience. With an advanced Computer Science Engineering degree, he is able to solve problems through best practices and nuanced ideas and solutions. He is well-ahead of the industry standards, implementing technologies today, which will become mainstream within 2-5 years.

  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Software Algorithms
  • Website Performance (Humans and Search Robots)
  • Database, PHP, advanced SEO tactics

Mostafa is a man of faith and family. He is rooted in principles and a deep desire to learn, implement, and achieve great results.


Who Else is on The MoversBoost Team?

Full time developers (full stack): Software is one of MoversBoost biggest advantages. With over $450,000 invested in its proprietary software, movers are able to get maximum advantages right away.

Sales and MoversBoost evangelist: Our sales team is not only salesmen, they are committed to clients success as their financially incentivized for a long-term relationship. Our in-house team is ready to schedule your demonstration and form business relationships across other industries or referrals.

Content marketers: MoversBoost understands the importance of popularity on the web. Often times blogs go unread or posted on low quality websites. Our unique approach is to only collaborate with real people, who live in our clients service areas, so we can ensure 1) hyper relevancy 2) geo location specific 3) quality checks and balances.

Social Media Ads expert: Our medium to large tier clients need remarketing to maximize their moving leads pipeline. Remarketing is one of the best methods and we use it across multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Network, Bing Ads, and Youtube.

SEO for Movers: Search Engine Optimization requires someone eats, sleeps and breathes Google and Bing algorithm changes and best practices. Whether rewriting titles, alt text, or simply reverse engineering the competition, our SEO team consistently gets more organic traffic and regularly the top 3 spots in major search engines.

Google Ads Pay Per Click: When you pay for a click, it’s just that, a click. Therefore it has to be extremely targeted, with a deep funnel in place to capture as many leads as possible. MoversBoost has access to over $100,000 spent monthly in Ads alone, and uses large datasets to determine the best keywords, ad copy, landing page, and follow up processes.

Website Designers and Graphic Design: Many clients have good websites. In this case we leave the website and simply focus on bigger tasks, such as creation of new landing pages. Sometimes the old website is outdated and hurting the conversion of traffic into moving leads and sales. In this case, our team is well equipped to completely redesign and use cutting edge mobile technology, tablet and Desktop to ensure a pixel perfect result for the end user.

Account Manager: A dedicated account manager will be your point of contact. You will be provided a report every month (you will always know what you paid for, and what you received), as well as open-communication via phone call strategy sessions, email or text.


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