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Furniture: Bureaus, Tables, Couches, Mattresses, Appliances

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What Does the Furniture Moving Lead Look Like?

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Appliance Moving Leads

Furniture Moving Leads are great for assembly / disassembly projects which add time, without killing your back, along with a 2 man team to pick up things such as couches, mattresses, refrigerators and other appliances. Delivery and Pickup style.

What is the source of the lead?

These are very specific types of moves, and we generate them mostly via SEO and Google Ads. Common terms people search are furniture movers near me, or furniture delivery service. This can be just labor, or a long distance move with a truck + labor.

Will all Furniture Moving Jobs Be Similar?

Furniture moves can be very diverse. Whether you are putting together furniture or disassembling, delivery can be internal (heavy oversized items), local, apartment to apartment, or cross country furniture / appliance moving.

Common Furniture Moving Leads include:


Disassembly / Assembly

Delivery Service

One piece or Oversized Item Moves

Every town you are happy to service, every zip code and county, we combine with Furniture Moving laser targeted traffic with a follow up process to get the absolute most leads per $ from your marketing budget.

How Much Do Furniture Moving Leads Cost?

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Furniture Moving Leads are very unique because oversized items can involve technical skill and planning as well as brute force strength for appliances, couches, mattresses and other oversized items. Customers appreciate their furniture fitting into their new home, and being assembled by an experienced IKEA level wizard.