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In recessionary times, you may find that getting more moving leads is difficult. But that doesn’t mean you should stop advertising. Even if you don’t have any new business, there are millions of people who are still moving and need to move to a new location. If you stop advertising, you’re giving up valuable advertising space to less aggressive competitors. And when a recession hits, aggressive advertising is rewarded and timid advertising is punished.

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When it comes to generating moving leads, referrals are your best friend. Find ways to reward customers who refer you. Don’t just offer free gift cards or grocery store vouchers; be creative. Try local gift certificates to make community ties and get people talking. This will generate more moving leads for your company. Here are some other ideas:

In addition to referrals, you should partner with suppliers in your local area. Your advertising partner can give you a steady flow of local moving leads. Consider recommending a partner to advertise to a mover’s network. Such a partnership will pay off in the long run. If the partnership is mutually beneficial, it’s definitely worth a try. So, how to get more moving leads? There are many options available.

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Social media is a powerful force in the world of business. Facebook is relied on by millions of users. Thanks to its advanced targeting capabilities, Facebook can pinpoint individuals who are moving. Besides their location, Facebook can also target people based on their interests, income, and job. By targeting these people, you can generate more qualified moving leads. If your target market is on Facebook, you can bet they’ll see your ad and contact you for more information.

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Another way to generate more moving leads is to exchange business with other moving companies. Many moving companies do not have enough business to service a lead due to their calendars or distance. Often, they’d prefer to trade business with another credited mover. Consider offering a referral fee to other moving companies. This can boost your booking ratio and improve your bottom line. However, you must also weigh the long-term strategy of your company and look for the best leads.

Another way to generate moving leads is to network with realtors. Realtors know people who are moving, and they can often recommend moving companies to their clients. Make sure you reach out to realtors and show them your professionalism and reliability. A realtor will be more likely to send you moving leads if they trust you and your services. If you’re a Realtor, ask a real estate agent if they have a list of trusted moving companies that they can refer their clients.

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If you want to reach more local customers, consider writing articles or blog posts that appeal to your ideal moving customers. Write articles or blog posts that your customers will find useful and easy to share on social media. Create new content that will appeal to your target customers and make your content easily shared. Publish these articles online and on social media to increase your advertising efforts. You can even create a new website dedicated to attracting new customers.

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Getting moving leads is essential to the success of any moving business. Getting a steady stream of leads will help you increase your revenue. Remember, more customers means more profit. Your success will depend on generating a steady stream of moving leads from new and existing clients. If you can’t get enough moving leads, your competitors will. So be strategic with your marketing efforts. Take advantage of every opportunity to generate more moving leads!

Brand your trucks, crew uniforms, and business cards. Include your business name, main services, website address, and phone number. This will ensure that your customers will have an easy time booking your services. Referrals and previous customers are the easiest leads to book. Getting a new customer through a referral is a great way to generate new leads and build relationships with existing customers. You can even target local realtors to promote your services.