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There are many ways to attract new customers for your moving business. However, generating moving leads can be time-consuming and expensive. You must optimize your website for local search terms to generate more leads. Adding a referral program to your website will help you attract new customers and retain existing ones. In addition, you can offer discounts for referrals to your next move. By offering these incentives, you will have a steady flow of moving leads.

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Another way to generate more moving leads is by creating content geared toward your ideal customers. Write articles or blog posts for your ideal customers. Make these articles easy to share on social media. A single article about moving services can boost your moving company’s advertising efforts. You can also write press releases to promote new services, or offer discounts for referrals. In addition to these methods, consider writing a press release about your company to share with local media.

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Another method to get moving leads is to appear on Thumbtack. These sites get in front of people searching for home services on Google. Their pages are highly likely to appear when people do a search for moving services. Moreover, Thumbtack lists the top 10 service providers in major cities, so if people are searching for moving companies in Oklahoma City, they’re likely to see a local moving company’s page.

Another proven method of getting moving leads is to use social media. You can post pictures of your trucks or videos on your social media accounts. You can also encourage your leads to sign up for your mailing list by displaying an email signup bar or pop-up email. Nevertheless, it is recommended to avoid purchasing email lists as these are not reliable. When a recession hits, it is better to be aggressive in your advertising strategy, because consumers will reward you if you advertise aggressively.

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Another effective way of getting moving leads is to ask referrals from existing clients. Recommending the services of a moving company to a friend or relative is a very useful way to generate new business. You can also promote your referral program with ongoing incentives. If you’re able to get referrals from existing clients, you’ll be able to create a consistent flow of moving leads. There are numerous ways to generate moving leads from your existing clients.

A social media marketing campaign may work well for your moving company. Social media platforms have become a major source of information for consumers. Posting interesting content on these sites will grab the attention of users and earn you new business. As long as your company is legitimate, social media can help you attract new customers and increase sales. Make sure your customers can trust you! They’re likely to trust you because your reviews and images will help you gain a good reputation.

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Make use of customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRM programs allow businesses to track leads and prospects in a database, input information about leads, and track phone calls, emails, and conversations. Once you know who your clients are, you’ll know when to contact them to offer them your services. In other words, CRM software is a cloud-based program that keeps track of all conversations and emails that happen with leads.

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Make use of smart reminders. Some people block unwanted calls and may not be available to take the phone call during business hours. If this is the case, set a reminder for them to return the call late in the evening or early the next day. They may be more likely to give you their business if they receive a reminder that day, so you’re always on their mind. You can send referrals based on these new details.

Word-of-mouth is another effective way to attract new customers. By providing helpful information, satisfied customers will refer your moving service to their friends and family. They can also share your business card or put temporary signs up in their yards. Make sure to list your company on online review sites and ask satisfied customers to leave reviews. This will help your SEO in the long run. There are no other ways to get more moving leads than this!