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If you’re new to the moving business, you may be wondering how to get more moving leads. Listed below are several tips for generating new business. Remember, your customers will not book you if they don’t see your truck and crew in action! Take pictures of your moving services, and post them on social media. If you’re a local moving company, consider offering free services for local residents. Getting a free photo shoot of your movers’ work and sharing it on social media can also help your company get more moving leads.

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One of the most common ways to get moving leads is through SEO (search engine optimization). SEO refers to showing up in the local maps section of Google, which is more visible to consumers. These results are often higher than the organic search results. They also receive more clicks, especially on mobile devices. And remember to make sure your website is mobile-friendly! Once you have the right tools in place, you’ll be on your way to getting more moving leads.

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While you’re advertising online, you must be consistent across platforms to ensure that you’re presenting your brand in a positive light. This can boost your revenue by as much as 23 percent. You can also network with other moving businesses and create your own website. While it might seem difficult to afford hiring a professional website designer, you can use free tools to create a landing page and get listed high on search engines.

It’s important to note that some marketing tactics may not work. Never put all your eggs in one basket! If your vision works, you’re on the right track. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things. If you’re good at following your instincts and tracking your results, you’ll soon find that it’s time to change your marketing strategy. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to more moving leads and more business!

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Referrals are another great source of moving leads. Try to develop a referral program wherein clients can refer you to their friends. Offer a referral fee to your clients and ask them to share your business with friends. Then, follow up with your clients a week after the move. By offering ongoing incentives, you’ll have a steady stream of moving leads. It’s easy to generate more moving leads if you’re able to make referrals to your network.

Remember that moving leads are the bread and butter of the relocation business. They are often overlooked – especially those who don’t know where they’re going. If you’re not generating a consistent stream of leads, your competitors will. This is where you need to shine. So, make sure to get a moving leads platform that helps you generate new leads. You’ll be glad you did! Take a look at some of the top moving lead providers below.

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You should invest in branding your business. If you’re new to the business, you’ll want to spend some time branding yourself. But if you’re already a successful moving company, it’s never too late to upgrade your branding. After all, branding is the foundation for a successful business! If you’re a local moving company, optimize your website for local search terms. Using a social media presence, you can generate more moving leads by using relevant keywords and images.

Use a press release. Press releases are great ways to spread the word about a new service, offer discounts for returning customers and refer your friends and family. These methods are sure to generate moving leads, and will get you noticed and get more business. In addition to traditional marketing, consider using the latest direct marketing strategies to generate more leads. You only pay for Google ads when someone clicks on them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many people see your ads and click them.

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When generating leads, don’t forget to use the telephone. If you’re a local moving company, you’ll have more success if you can talk to potential customers in person. Be prepared with professional materials and leave them at the customer’s home. Leave a folder on their coffee table, or at least leave a brief description of your services. Having a visual estimate at the customer’s location isn’t always possible, but leaving a folder for potential customers is a surefire way to increase your bookings.

Create a good story to advertise. Write articles and blog posts that your ideal moving customers will want to read. Use social media to promote your content. Posting stories about your satisfied customers is an effective way to generate moving leads. Post these stories on Twitter and Facebook. They’re great for boosting the awareness of your moving company, as well as providing valuable information to potential customers. You’ll be surprised at how many moving leads you’ll get this way.