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One of the easiest ways to get moving leads is through referrals. Make it easy for your existing customers to refer your company by providing them with a free moving quote. Then, take advantage of social media to post pictures and videos of your company. Moving leads with a history of previous transactions are also easy to book. Make sure to take advantage of the recession to your advantage. Keeping your advertising budget in check while other businesses reduce theirs is crucial to staying in business.

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You can also use search engine marketing (SEO) to generate moving leads. This strategy involves placing paid ads in the corner of potential customers’ screens. Then, when potential clients click on these ads, they are prompted to visit your website. They can’t resist getting the information they want and are more likely to contact you for your moving services. However, if your leads do not respond immediately, make sure to follow up with them via email or phone call.

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Another way to get moving leads is to swap business with other moving companies. This tactic is effective when one moving company is unable to serve a lead because of the client’s calendar or distance. Alternatively, if a moving company is unable to serve a lead because it is far away, it can offer referral fees to another credited moving company to get a new client. This way, you can earn more profit while spending less time and money.

As with any marketing strategy, getting new moving leads is key. But how do you attract and retain moving leads? In order to succeed, you must take advantage of every available source of information. Social media is a great source of information on moving-related topics, so do not overlook it. For example, you can use Facebook ads to promote your moving service. Using social media will help you reach a broad audience and secure a steady flow of new moving leads.

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Realtors are also an excellent source of moving leads. They know more people than anyone else, and realtors are often more knowledgeable about moving issues. Reach out to realtors to let them know about your company and how reliable they are. They might be willing to refer you to clients if you have the right reputation. Some realtors even have a list of their “Becky’s Favorites” vendors that they can refer their clients to.

Another way to get more moving leads is to follow up with your current customers. If they recommend your company to friends and family, you should follow up with them within a week after they move. It will also generate a continuous stream of moving leads because of ongoing referral incentives. You should also advertise your referral program to drive more clients to it. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to get referrals from loyal buyers.

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Another way to get more moving leads is to join a community of movers. Thousands of people join moving communities every day. There are a number of free moving communities on the web and you can start building your network of leads by signing up for a free account. The best part about being able to choose your own leads is that you’re in complete control. A community of other movers will be looking for a mover like you, so make sure you join the movement.

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Using Thumbtack is another way to generate moving leads. Thumbtack gets in front of potential customers when they’re searching on Google for moving services. If people are looking for movers in a major city, they’ll likely find your listing page. You can also join a local community that ranks top service providers. For example, in Oklahoma City, the top 10 moving companies will be listed on Thumbtack.

Facebook offers a variety of options for targeting potential customers. You can target real estate pages to reach people who are looking to buy a home. You can target users with specific income levels, interests, and jobs. You can even use word of mouth and temporary yard signs to spread the word. Finally, you should sign up for review sites and ask your customers to leave positive reviews. These positive reviews will help your SEO ranking. These strategies will help you get more moving leads for your moving business.