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One of the easiest ways to generate more moving leads is to brand your moving company’s trucks. These vehicles should have your company’s name, logo, and primary services prominently displayed. Driving around town in a branded truck is an effective way to get noticed by people and generate more moving leads. You can also negotiate a parking space at high traffic areas and make deals with property owners or businesses to park your moving trucks in their yards.

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If you’re trying to generate moving leads in your area, you should create content tailored to your ideal customers. Consider writing a blog post or article for your website, and make it easy for readers to share it on Facebook and social media. The more content you produce, the more leads you’ll receive. And if you’re a local moving company, you’ll get even more leads by promoting your company’s social media pages.

SEO (search engine optimization) is another effective way to generate moving leads. Search engine optimization helps you show up higher in search results than organic listings. It draws more attention to your site and has a call button or link to your website. Local searchers have much higher conversion rates when viewing local SEO results, especially on mobile devices. In addition to SEO, local searchers spend more than three minutes online researching different companies, so it’s imperative to take advantage of these factors.

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Use social media to share the latest news. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great places to share updates with your target audience. Use your company’s pages to provide updates, post contests, and offer discounts to referrals and repeat customers. Social media can also help your brand build online and increase brand awareness. Many people look up a company’s name on social media and it will give them confidence that the company is trustworthy.

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In addition to traditional marketing methods, consider trading business with other moving companies. There may be times when one moving company cannot serve a lead due to a conflict of schedules or a large distance. Many movers are happy to refer leads to another credited mover for a referral fee. A referral fee can be helpful in getting more moving leads. So, don’t be afraid to try something different if you think it will work.

Realtors can be excellent sources of moving leads. Compared to any other person, realtors know more people who are moving. Reach out to realtors and establish your reputation as a professional and reliable moving company. They will most likely refer you to their clients. The Oklahoma City realtor, for example, has a list of “Becky’s Favorites” vendors. If your company has good reputation among realtors, you should expect to receive many referrals from realtors.

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Lastly, it pays to be funny. The worst possible clients are those who are price shopping. These clients are unlikely to be satisfied with your work and will likely leave negative reviews. If you can avoid this pitfall, you can maximize your booking ratio by utilizing weekend salespeople to pitch your services. This way, you can ensure that every moving lead you get turns into a new client. And remember, if you want to make a living in the moving business, you need to learn to become a better salesperson.

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Another great way to generate moving leads is to use Thumbtack. This popular website puts your moving company right in front of potential customers who search on Google. If people are searching for moving services on Thumbtack, they are bound to come across Thumbtack pages. Similarly, when people are looking for moving services in Oklahoma City, they will be likely to come across the top 10 service providers. When they click on these links, they will receive your company’s contact information.

Another option is to use pay-per-lead ads on Google. These ads show up near the top of search results pages. These ads differ from SEO services for moving companies. Google estimates that these ads get 13.8% of all clicks and, on average, produce seven moving leads per fifty visitors. If you plan to use these ads, you can expect a cost per lead of $50. You can set your budget accordingly and determine how many leads you want.