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Getting moving leads is vital to running a successful moving business. You may have heard that branding is key to success, but you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch to succeed. There are a few things you can do to attract more moving leads to your website. You can use tools available online to build your own website, or hire a professional designer to make your site stand out from the crowd. Regardless of your company’s size or location, there are a few simple steps you can take to improve your brand and generate more leads.

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First, consider networking in your community. Most marketing strategies for moving companies involve online elements. For example, you can join community Facebook groups and target people in your area who may be looking for a mover. The same goes for those interested in your favorite ice cream shop. Remember, networking requires small engagements, and these connections can turn into moving leads. Moreover, Facebook and Twitter allow you to create targeted ads that will target specific groups, so you can reach more potential clients.

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Third, branded trucks are a great way to generate moving leads. Your moving trucks should have prominent signs or graphics, displaying your company’s name and its main services. In addition, make sure your trucks are well-branded with your logo and slogan. This way, people will recognize your company’s trucks and crew and will be more likely to call you in the future. Branding your moving trucks and crew uniforms is another great way to generate moving leads. You can also give away business cards to potential clients, generating long-term business.

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Referrals are another great way to generate moving leads. You can even offer them a discount on their next move if they refer you to their friends. This is an easy and inexpensive way to generate a steady stream of moving leads. It’s also possible to make referrals through social media. In general, moving leads can be categorized as referrals or previous customers. These leads are the easiest to book, as they already have a history with your company.

Another great way to generate moving leads is to send out press releases. You can use press releases to introduce new services, offer discounts for referrals and repeat customers, and highlight your offers. Your press releases should include your contact information and your website link. By following these tips, you can generate more moving leads. And don’t forget to make your press releases interesting and informative. That way, people will be curious about your moving company and will be enticed to give it a try.

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Realtors are great sources of moving leads, as they know more people who are moving than anyone else. Reach out to realtors and tell them about your moving company’s professionalism and reliability. Realtors will send you clients if they feel you’re the right choice. For example, one realtor in Oklahoma City has a list of favorite vendors. A successful moving company will be on that list, which is filled with referrals from realtors.

A third step to take is contacting previous customers. Ask for references or a referral from them and give them a list of review websites that you can check out. Make sure you offer a personal touch, too. Assign a dedicated sales person to each lead. During the week, they are less likely to get back to you. This will increase the number of bookings for each lead. Then, follow up with them the next day, or early the next morning.

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Remember that most people will look for a moving company even before they’re ready to move. If you want to increase your chances of converting leads into customers, you need to encourage them to sign up for your newsletter. This is where the email signup bar or pop-up form will come in handy. Don’t buy email lists, though, because they contain outdated information. Make sure to opt in to their email list when you use an email signup form.

Another easy way to generate more moving leads is to post videos on YouTube. People are constantly searching for new information, and videos can help them do that. Use videos to showcase your expertise, and also include your contact information and website. Using videos to showcase your company and answer frequently asked questions is a great way to generate leads and build credibility. If you’re a moving expert, make sure you include a link to your website in your videos, so that people can find you easily.