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Have an Effective Online Presence

Most individuals don’t know the difference between a nice site and one that increases productivity. Commerce sites are made to attract and inform but it takes a lot more than great design. When potential clients arrive at your site for information, they don’t want to wait for image uploads or pop-up ads to finish running.

On the other hand, a website and social media presence that shares vital information about the company, its offerings, and is updated regularly attracts ample leads. A lot of people think having a Facebook page and a business site is enough but the digital marketing process is more entailed than that. While you may have heard of some small startups gaining large traffic numbers almost overnight, it’s likely that a promotional strategy was already in place.

Making a strong online presence isn’t a magical process but when done correctly, it can bring positive results faster than traditional offline advertising methods. Regardless of what some people may say, good digital marketing practices can’t be learned overnight. A solid marketing agency knows that what may work for one type of business may not be right for another

Search Engine Strategies for Virginia Moving Companies

Most people know the basics of internet web searches but this is barely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to running an effective marketing campaign. Marketing strategies that get results entail the following:

  • A site that’s created using modern design methods
  • Excellent use of keyword placement in online content
  • Google Ads that target your moving business clients
  • A good ranking on Google’s local search engines

The Power of an Outstanding Business Website

One misconception some people have about web design is the templates included with internet hosting packages can be used for commerce. These are usually intended for personal use and not intended for gaining business traffic. While nice visuals and links to social media accounts can drive some visitors, expert design is what converts visitors into clients. Other features needed for good marketing include –

  • Google Analytics – This useful tool gives information about the traffic your site is getting. It makes it easy to see the real traffic numbers and where it’s coming from.
  • Superior online content – Visitors are more likely to return to a site when the information is informative yet simple to read.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – This measures how quickly visitors turn into customers from the time they arrive at your site to making an appointment. Most sites with high CRO levels use high-quality content that gets attracts visitors.

Overall, a good moving lead marketing agency offers important features such as interactive contact forms, online estimates, and appointment booking. We design powerful web pages with the customer in mind so you can accommodate their needs.

Choose the Right Google Ads Package

As most businesses are discovering the wonderful world of e-commerce, this means more competition for first-page placement in search engine results. Moversboost helps you land ahead of most competitors that still rely on old-school methods of getting listed. Along with using Google Analytics, we also get you listed with Google Ads and Local Google Maps.

Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising program that targets leads within the radius of which you’re willing to work. You can also see the optimization score that lets you know how quickly your visitors are converting This application also tracks phone and online inquiries. It’s also compatible with mobile devices.

Local Google Maps is used to increase your online visibility and finds leads in the cities where you want your moving business to be seen. This marketing tool also allows you to list your specialties or additional services available to clients. It also works with your website to ensure that its elements are helping to target the right leads. Like Google Analytics, there’s a feature that allows you to see daily results of your ad placements, phone calls, and online inquiries.

Social Media Marketing for Moving Company Leads

Having an active social media strategy goes hand-in-hand with other marketing tools that any business uses in e-commerce today. On average, most businesses use at least two social networks regularly and it’s a good idea to update these at least twice a week. Social media posts for business should always be well-written, timely, and with minimal grammatical or spelling errors.

When it comes to content, it helps to think of what benefits the individual you want to make a customer. You can offer advice on packing delicate objects, upload a video tutorial, or advertise limited-run specials. The nice thing about social media is that can be used as a tracking tool that converts visitors into leads.

Benefit from Our Business Leads Now

With all of these tools and proven technologies in place, getting leads isn’t a guessing game. We use a proven marketing funnel to promote your services to the next available client. However, like any partnership, a solid moving business should be prepared to close.

This means a website that answers questions right away, a responsive chat feature, and probably the most important thing customers look for nowadays…good reviews. Having those things in place makes the difference between closing the deal the same day and getting the runaround. While a potential client may be shopping around for the best deal, they also want to hire a quality moving service as quickly as possible.

What is Moversboost?

We are a family-owned company that specializes in marketing services for moving companies of all sizes. We don’t offer copywriting or graphic design services but an entire internet marketing package made for each of our clients. Here are some other facts about our company that separate us from the competition.

  • We are the #1 search engine optimization (SEO) agency for moving companies
  • We do not require clients to sign contracts
  • We offer a wide variety of digital marketing services and all work is done in-house
  • We work with moving businesses of all sizes, even startups!

Visit our website and view our case studies, some of which include screenshots from actual Google ad results. Our Case Studies page also has live testimonies from clients who’ve seen noticeable growth. This boost in their business is the result of using legitimate leads generated by our team of digital marketing experts.

How We’re Different from Other Marketing Agencies

For one, we know how moving businesses of all sizes operate and the customer mentality. Most marketing companies are generalists who try to learn the business in a short period of time but this usually results in weak leads. Moversboost also likes to form a partnership with clients that don’t involve contracts nor enforces a set amount to spend on leads.

While most companies like to vet their prospective clients, we’re no different. In order to use our services, moving company ratings must be a 4.0 or better. Think of it this way, would you really want to spend your hard-earned money dining at an establishment that only has three (or fewer) stars?

Unlike marketing agencies that only have low prices to promote, we guarantee results. Effective online marketing and promotion involve a lot more than just making incredible promises. Our team uses their expertise in Google marketing tools, web design technology, and strong closing methods made to create leads and increase profits within 30 days!

Grow Your Business with Virginia Moving Leads

It’s a waste of money when people pay for e-commerce features or services that don’t return a profit. Annoying pop-up ads, images that take forever to upload, or cheap layouts can cost your business dearly. Call Moversboost today for a free consultation and get your business on the right path to ongoing revenue.