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Marketing & Moving Leads near Chesapeake

We are the leading experts in getting moving companies in Chesapeake the results they need. Our professionals have many years of experience in leads generation and can help you get moving leads in Chesapeake and surrounding areas. With our assistance, you will get direct calls from clients actively looking for a moving firm. So, you do not have to keep competing with other moving companies when closing deals with customers. Our company focuses on the real metrics to help your moving business grow. We derive our success by ensuring your company gets more calls.

Free Proposal Offers

When you contact us for a free proposal, we also offer you:

Competitor Research

We will help you find your competitors’ keywords, bids, and site audits.

SEO Site Audit

We have resources to enable us to check your moving Company website’s SEO score.

A Transparent Estimate

Our experts will offer you a detailed price quote for all ours services.

How We Help Moving Companies Get More Leads

Our technicians use a wide range of online marketing strategies to generate paid and organic online leads for your organization. We have a dedicated team of SEO experts who work tirelessly to drive clients looking for the services you provide and deliver real-time leads.

Search Engine Optimization

A moving company needs a comprehensive online strategy that includes search engine results. You need to ensure your business is among the options that appear when people in your area search for moving services.

When your business organically shows up on the first page when individuals search for moving contractors in your area, you will get more leads. We offer moving companies an extensive SEO strategy to help increase their site rankings for crucial keywords in the market. In addition, we will help generate more traffic to your website and increase the volume of your firm’s phone calls, and form fills.

On-Page SEO

Our SEO experts will optimize your company’s website content using foundational on-page SEO techniques to maximize your usage of keywords.

Keyword Research

Before we develop our SEO strategies, we will research your competitors and most essential keywords so that we can specifically target the areas that are critical to the growth of your moving business.

Anchor Linking

We go through your site looking for broken links and use our expertise to fix the internal linking structure of your platform.

Optimization of Page Speed

Our company knows how much higher rankings and best user experience means to you; therefore, we optimize your webpage for computer and mobile page speed to help increase your rankings and user-friendliness.

Local SEO

When we talk about local SEO, we refer to your moving company appearing in the local section of Google maps. Local EO will enable you to get more moving leads for your business. Compared to organic search results, local SEO results get more attention for particular search questions.

Additionally, it has a call button where potential customers can quickly contact you or go to your website. These results get several clicks on mobile phones. However, the strategy is disadvantageous if you have one location since you will only show up at that location.

Google Ads

Generating leads through SEO can be a bit challenging at first because of the large gap between starting the SEO and seeing results. For highly competitive markets, we recommend Google Ads since you can reach close to three billion users.

You only need to select the search queries you want your company to show up for, choose your budget, and wait for the leads. With Google Ads, you have full control over your content; you choose where to send the Ads on your site and the keywords you wish to pay for. You will also get information about your Ad’s performance.

Plus, you only need to pay when a prospective customer clicks on your webpage. Individuals search for moving companies on Google many times a day. Therefore, Google Ads is the best place to generate leads if you want highly targeted Ad data and total control.

Apart from search campaigns, we can also help you reach Google users by running image and video ads across multiple social media platforms like Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We have deep experience in running Google Ads and can quickly set up a campaign to help your business.

Utilize Your Moving Trucks Well

Your moving trucks are like rolling billboards and can help attract potential clients. There are a few things that you can do with your trucks to reach your community and generate more leads for your company. We recommend the following:

  • When there is a large gathering in your community like a concert, obtain a legal permit to park your branded truck in a place where people can see it as they walk into the event.
  • Legally park your vehicle in a highly trafficked road to create awareness in your community about your moving company. You can also talk to various businesses to allow you to park your car during the day when there are a lot of viewers.
  • If your truck is not in use during the day, identify places in your area with many people where you can park.
  • Taking many pictures and videos of your moving trucks and posting them on your site and social media pages will also be helpful.
  • Use your truck to provide free simple services to your community. You can also take pictures and share them on the media.

Although you may not see the results immediately from this kind of advertising, you should keep doing it to grow your brand with time.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another online marketing strategy to attract and nurture leads. We will help you create a list of subscribers first. Note that if people wish to hire your services, they will want to get emails.

Most people start looking for moving companies long before they decide to move. They do this so that they can have sufficient time to weigh options and find the ideal movers. If your leads sign up for emails, they can become your clients. Our experts use pop-op email sign up to encourage people to subscribe to your email.

You can send emails to your subscribers reminding them of your business and how they will benefit by choosing you. The emails can also have promotional news, special offers, helpful tips, and coupons.

Website Design

Your website is fundamental in your online marketing efforts as it will determine whether your marketing campaign will be successful. Several factors depend on your webpage design; your SEO, authenticity, and money. Clients get the first impression of your moving services from your website; therefore, you will lose potential customers if your site is not unique or functions incorrectly.

Our team consists of top-notch web developers who can help create a mobile-friendly site to assist your campaign. Our developers offer the following benefits:

Simple and Affordable Pricing

We know how challenging it is to run a moving company, so we want to make things easier for you. Our pricing is straightforward; we do not have hidden charges or sales gimmicks. When you hire us, you will know the services you are getting and the costs.

No Contracts

There are moving lead companies that will rent your website. Our company believes you should have your own webpage. That is why we release your website design without demanding more money.


We use WordPress to build websites so you can make appropriate changes at any time. Additionally, you can move your site to another web host without hassle.

Dedicated Manager

Our company has an in-house team of web developers, and you can meet with the person handling your website or online marketing campaign whenever you want.

Why we are Unique

We are a trusted company providing Chesapeake Moving Leads services. We have been helping movers in Chesapeake generate more leads for their businesses for decades. Here is why moving companies in the region trust us:

Customized Leads

We offer clients customized and flexible leads. We ask for details of your moving company so that we can craft leads that will be specific to your business. Our experts can deliver all kinds of moving leads you want based on factors like destination and type of move.

Qualified Leads

Our company verifies the accuracy of all moving leads for your business. We check them thoroughly and remove incomplete submissions, and questionable and duplicate entries. We have invested in a sophisticated algorithm where we pass all leads to ensure they are top quality.

Fair Contracts

We ask clients for a six-month agreement, but you can opt-out of the contract if you feel you are not getting desired results.

We do not Outsource

Our company has a large network of professionals from various fields; therefore, we do not outsource any services.


We are a transparent team even when billing you. We use a simple, flat-rate pricing system, so you know how much you are paying for each service.


Our company has a large team of experts who will be working on your campaign to get you more leads. We take the time to know your moving business to develop a customized lead generation plan. We are one of the best Chesapeake Moving Leads generation agencies, and our customers are often satisfied with our services. Contact us today to get help with lead generation for your moving business.