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There are a few key factors that you must consider when looking for a moving company. If you serve multiple cities, it might be best to run 10 separate campaigns. If your company provides residential and commercial moves, you should separate your ad groups to target each region. This will help you maximize the return on investment and attract more local moving leads. Here are a few tips for success. Firstly, use the proper keywords and demographics when creating a moving company campaign.

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One of the easiest ways to generate moving leads is through social media. Make use of the power of community Facebook groups to interact with people. You may find someone who knows your company through a group or who is interested in a local ice cream shop. Make small connections and use these to your advantage to generate moving leads. You can also try marketing your moving services through email. Make sure to keep your newsletter simple, and send out a single monthly campaign. Ideally, you’ll send out two campaigns before peak moving season, but one should be more than enough.

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Consider launching referral programs. Providing discounts for referrals will ensure a constant flow of moving leads. A successful referral program should include incentives for moving customers to refer other people to your moving company. Lastly, use business cards and fridge magnets. While business cards and other printed materials are still essential, refrigerator magnets will stay on a refrigerator, where they are less likely to be thrown away. Finally, try PPC and SEM campaigns. These two strategies are proven to produce high-quality moving leads. You can target Bing and other popular search engines to generate commercial and residential moving leads.

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The success of a pay-per-click campaign depends on the conversion rate of your website. Be sure to test and measure your campaigns to reduce the cost-per-conversion. SEO is another strong source of moving leads. SEO involves optimizing your moving company website and showing up in the organic search results on Google. In addition, you can try stealing backlinks from other moving companies. You can also take advantage of backlink checker tools that provide a backlink profile.

Pay-per-click advertising is also an excellent source of moving leads. SEO involves paid ad words on websites and ads that appear in the corner of the screen. When people are browsing a website, these ads will attract them and they will be more likely to contact the moving company if they are interested. Ensure that your moving company is on as many of these websites as possible, as peak moving season is soon approaching.

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While direct mail and home improvement directories are great places to find local moving leads, you must consider investing in digital marketing. Facebook’s cost-per-click (CPC) is much lower and its users are almost equally engaged. In addition to the traditional moving marketing methods, you should look into partnering with local or national nonprofits. By getting involved with these organizations, you can increase your chances of receiving local moving leads and converting them into customers.

Consider co-marketing. This means teaming up with another small business and sharing lead generation opportunities. For example, a moving company might partner with a construction company or a property manager. It can help both businesses to grow their business. You will have more moving leads in no time. You’ll also have better control over the leads you receive. Your leads will be filtered according to location, distance, and dates.

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Test ads. A few studies show that Google ads get the most clicks from customers looking for local moving companies. Moreover, they’re easy to set up and test, but many moving companies don’t even test their ads. They may find that customers prefer a local moving company, or a long-established one. A moving company’s advertisement should meet their customers where they’re at, and not try to convert people who don’t need their services right away.

Retargeting: A Facebook marketing campaign that targets your customers’ previous interactions with your company’s website can help you obtain new moving leads. It’s also important to remember that Facebook isn’t just for influencers. It’s also a powerful tool for securing new leads. Facebook users are also sources of information and act as informal versions of search engines. You can attract their attention with interesting content and provide useful information.