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As a moving company, you probably know that fewer advertisers mean less money. But millions of people still need to move. In a recession, it makes more sense to keep your advertising budget, since the economy will favor aggressive ads and punish timid ones. You can start by establishing a moving business’s reputation by posting reviews online. After all, people want to know that their move went smoothly and that the movers showed up on time.

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One of the best ways to generate more moving leads is to partner with other moving companies in your area. Referral programs can bring in steady leads from local businesses. You can also offer your referral customers a discount on their next move or storage rental rates. This way, you’ll secure a steady flow of leads. Even though attracting moving leads is a tough job, social media has made it easier than ever before.

Another effective way to get moving leads is by using search engine optimization, or SEO. By using this technique, you can increase the number of visitors to your website. When people type in the keywords for their area, your website will pop up higher in the search results. If they click on the ad, they will see a phone number or a website link, which will make them more likely to call you. In addition to SEO, moving companies can use paid research tools to find out what keywords are working best for their competitors.

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Besides using free tools and websites, moving companies can attend trade shows, conferences, and meet agents and suppliers. Face-to-face meetings will help them build trust and business. At trade shows, exhibiting at trade shows is a great way to increase moving leads. Be sure to dress appropriately, distribute your business cards, and follow up with leads. Another option is to use lead generators. A moving company can benefit from high-volume moving leads generated by these programs. They can provide highly targeted leads.

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Networking with community members online is another great way to get moving leads. Community groups on Facebook can provide a great place to meet people. People will look for moving companies before they make their decision, and this means that you should take advantage of this. Creating small engagements can lead to moving leads, but be wary of buying email lists. These lists are not free, and you can only use them if you have enough money to spend on them.

To generate more moving leads, you need to create a referral program. Asking your existing customers for referrals after a successful move is an excellent way to create a steady flow of leads. If you already have a relationship with the client, you can offer them ongoing incentives to refer your company to their family and friends. Further, a referral program can increase the number of leads you receive. There are a number of referral programs and other ways to promote them.

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Lastly, realtors can be great sources of moving leads. These professionals know the most people in their area, so it makes sense to connect with them and convince them that you’re a reliable, professional mover. Once you’ve convinced them of your professionalism and reliability, realtors will be more likely to recommend you to their clients. One Oklahoma City realtor has a “Becky’s Favorites” list of vendors.

Whether you choose to use print advertising or online, your moving company’s trucks are great tools to advertise your business. Branding your company’s trucks will allow you to reach the local community while generating more moving leads. You can also legally park your trucks on busy streets and local events to generate more moving leads. These efforts will also give you the opportunity to meet professionals involved in the sale or rental of homes. By targeting such professionals, you’ll be able to generate many long-term leads.

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The next best way to increase your moving leads is to optimize your website. A well-optimized website will rank higher in search engines and get you in front of potential customers on Google. In fact, moving companies search Google over 125,000 times every month. That means you have an excellent opportunity to generate moving leads by optimizing your website. There are many other effective ways to boost your SEO, but these three are the most effective and efficient.

Pay per click advertising is a good way to drive more moving leads for your moving company. By creating a campaign with Google Ads, you can get your ads in front of people searching for movers in your area. Google will recognize your ads as you advertise elsewhere on the Internet. And if your site has a reputation for quality work, you’ll be able to capture the interest of these customers. The cost per click is also low compared to traditional methods.