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If you want to attract more moving leads, you need to learn how to network with your community. Join groups such as Facebook groups for local businesses and look for people in your community. The members of the groups you join might be people who are interested in your services. Perhaps they love your favorite ice cream shop. Small engagements with people in your community will eventually turn into moving leads. Whether it’s an old friend or a stranger, the goal is to find a way to connect and build relationships with these people.

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As a mover, you can use referral programs to increase the number of moving leads you generate. By offering referrals a discount on their next move or storage rental, you can guarantee a steady stream of moving leads. Social media is a great way to build a community of customers and increase your referral base. You can also try out Thumbtack to get quality moving leads. Don’t forget about Google AdWords. Google is one of the most effective forms of direct marketing in the world, and if you have an ad on Google, it only costs you when someone clicks on it.

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Keywords are vital to your SEO strategy. Make sure your keywords are relevant to your services and include the right match phrases when people search for moving companies. Keyword stuffing is bad practice and penalizes you in Google. Make sure to include relevant keywords in your content and optimize your website around these phrases. The results will be well worth your efforts. The more moving leads you generate, the better. So, make your marketing strategy revolve around keywords and keep them up to date. You may also want to invest in some rewriting of your existing copy.

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Word-of-mouth is another way to generate moving leads. Happy customers will often recommend your services to others, so ask satisfied customers to pass your business cards around and put up a temporary sign in their yard. You can also list on review websites like Google and ask your customers to leave a review of your services. Positive reviews will boost your website’s SEO. There are many other ways to generate moving leads. And don’t forget to use your social media accounts, including Twitter.

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Social media has become an important resource for companies looking to attract new customers. Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook have large communities of people who use these sites to interact. By using social media to provide updates and information, moving companies can increase their brand awareness and increase their reputation online. Besides that, posting reviews and images will help establish trust among other moving agents. The benefits of social media for movers are many. So, use it wisely to increase your company’s reputation online.

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A survey is another way to get more leads for your moving company. You can send a survey to your audience and ask them to share their experiences with friends. You can offer a discount to those who answer the survey. The survey will also help you determine the type of moving services your audience is looking for. If you can create a survey for your customers, you’ll be surprised how effective it is. Your leads will thank you for the survey!

A blog is another great place to use moving questions. Using the right content on your blog will help you introduce your company to leads who are already in the marketing funnel or researching options. Retargeting, on the other hand, places a code on a visitor’s browser, so that when they leave your website, you can continue to show them your ads. This is a powerful brand touch-point in a longer sales cycle. Retargeting works on multiple websites as they surf the web, and it works even in social media.