Step 1: “Unboxing”

We rip open (not so gentle unboxing) your competitions “Black Box”. Your top competitors are hoping this remains a secret (ALL the keywords they are ranking for, and exactly how they are ranking for them). Using proprietary software, MoversBoost gathers thousands of hyper-targeted keywords for each town (service area) you want to rank for, and creates an algorithm to show exactly what HTML is necessary to rank for every single webpage on your website.

No guessing at what “might” or “could” work. We rip open your competitor’s success “Black Box” strategies and ready ourselves to use this data against them. Now we need a better “Box” to win.

Step 2: “Boxing”

Boxing is the next step. Now that we have an immense amount of data on what’s working and what isn’t for your competition, we need a vehicle, a “Box” to allow us to leverage this data to rank higher in Google and get more rankings, traffic and leads. It’s not enough to know why we are losing; we need a way to win. Our “Box” is a system of official Google products.

Our mover client’s websites are technically superior, and use the newest Google technology such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (literally Google’s own cloud server), This Google technology is so powerful, websites load instantly from within Google search results.

Test it for yourself. Google “Atlanta Peach Movers” from your mobile smartphone and tap on their website. You’ll notice something incredible. It loads instantly! That’s because it’s not just endorsed by Google, IT IS GOOGLE! The website is literally brought to you by Google. Would you want to go against your competition and Google? Exactly, we take every advantage we can against your competition when we build out your Box.

There are dozens of other Google products and best practices such as Google Structured Data which allows us to tell Google your exact services and service areas through technical SEO code. This “Box” is filled with new technologies and best practices to rank across multiple towns for multiple keywords.



Step 3: “Repackaging”

Rankings and traffic are critical, but if you aren’t using this method you are seriously losing multiple mover leads a month. In fact, you may have decent rankings and traffic now, but could get even more mover leads with the exact same amount of traffic.

The missing piece to the puzzle is “Repackaging”, which is showing another angle of value to people who absolutely need and want your moving services, but just didn’t take action reaching out to you the first time. Many are aware of “remarketing” where you show an ad to someone who was once on the website, but it’s very limited, only targeting low hanging fruit. We are using an old tactic in a brand new way.

MoversBoost will show ads exclusively to people who are ONLY interested in moving services, in your true service areas, AND engage in conversations with them on social media, on Facebook and Instagram through a series of prompts to identify red hot leads. Best of all, it’s 100% automated. This means no endless posts on social media or engaging with tire kickers. For pennies on the dollar we are closing client deals and getting red hot exclusive leads emailing and calling for moving services.

Step 4: “Crating”

Crating is reserved for only the most precious assets. This is where the real fun begins! “Crating” is when we are all setup to take our client’s business to the next stratosphere, by pouring jet fuel on their campaign with super high quality paid advertising campaigns.

Most have tried Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube, Bing, Direct Mail, but this step ONLY works if you have done the previous steps correctly. MoversBoost leaves nothing to chance, targeting and tracking on a zip code level, keyword and webpage level.

Now instead of 300% growth in Google Maps and Organic Listings, you can expect 3000% growth in traffic, which yields more red hot exclusive leads from people desperately seeking out a moving company they can trust and give their business a chance.

Step 5: “Moving…to the TOP”

Moving is when we routinely take mover businesses with lack luster rankings and put them at the top of Google. Even going from position #5 to #1 can result in a 300% increase in traffic and leads. Imagine showing up for ALL your keywords in ALL your towns?

Don’t rely on 1 keyword or a handful of towns. That’s stressful, unnecessary and not how your competition is winning jobs from you every day. By targeting thousands of keywords and dozens of towns (if not hundreds), you will cast an extremely wide net, which is still laser focused on people who need and want a mover they can trust.


We understand trust is earned. Even though we have proven our ability in the marketplace through years of case studies, and positive testimonials, MoversBoost is interested in mutual, fruitful relationships. If you are accepted as a client, MoversBoost is so confident, we are offering a month to month service. Together we will grow your business every day, and every month.


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