How to Triple Your Moving Business

by Getting Your Internet Marketing Right

1) So Easy a Caveman COULD do it, but should he?

If you asked 1000 Cavemen to write out the contents of Wikipedia, it would take them a few lifetimes. Now you can export and call it a day before lunch. Don’t be a caveman. Use the best technology and products available to win against your competition.

What are new technologies available to movers? The 800lb gorilla in the room is Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). See if your website is on this new standard:


Moving Company Mobile Website Design

Websites load INSTANTLY on this new standard. Websites are literally brought to you by Google. Not just endorsed by Google (this technology), hosted in Google’s very own cloud server. They have patents protecting this technology. If you want to rank in Google, but are not using this technology, you are fighting an uphill battle. See it for yourself in action!

You must be on a mobile device (even though the benefits are applied ubiquitously across all devices) to view the instant speed. Go to on your mobile phone and search for any of these clients, and scroll passed any ads, and even the map, and click on their organic, top results listing to view this complete game changing technology:

Relief Moving Company LLC
Atlanta Peach Movers
Fresh Start the Moving Crew
Infinite Moving
Muscle Men Movers


2) SIZE Matters: Just ask my Wife, She Throws This in My Face!

Moving Company Search Engine Optimization

You offer multiple services in multiple cities and towns. Right now your website is most likely NOT targeting every single revenue producing move in your core service areas. MoversBoost has access to data, and these are the top services from our clients. You may do all, some, or even more of these:

Residential Moves
Apartment Moves
Commercial Moves
Labor Only Moves
Furniture Delivery
Furniture Assembly
Pack and Storage
Out of State Moves
Long Distance Moves
Local Moves
Senior Assisted Moves
Gun Safe Moves
Piano Moves

We break this list down further. It’s important to note these are not Keywords, we’ll get into that in a moment.

13 example services. If you service a 25-50 or even a 100 mile radius (starting location), there are most likely dozens and hundreds of counties and towns within this radius you service.

13 Services X 150 towns (average) = 1,950 combinations

If you don’t have a website with 1,950 webpages, then you are missing out on ultra targeted clicks (traffic), and leads. Right now you are throwing a dart at a hummingbird. Why not cast a gigantic net, which is still ultra targeted. Every single person who comes to the website is there because they are in the market for your service, and they live in one of your service areas. The result is an explosion in high quality leads, which you are actually happy to service.

See for yourself. If you search Blaine MN Furniture Moving you will see our client’s webpage which is specifically about Blaine and Furniture Moving:

Google Maps Rankings for Moving Businesses Local SEO

3) We’re Doing this For Humans?

We aren’t doing this just for Google and algorithms. We want to help the human being on the other end of the screen who needs and wants to hire a moving company. To build trust and have a solid experience on the website, we need to use non-stock photos, add video when possible, and streamline your quote process.

Most websites are riddled with random smiling women. I want to hire someone who looks like he can throw me across the room, or at least see them in action, proving through visuals they a) have done it before and b) are capable of moving me. This is exactly what’s going on in the end user’s mind. Our clients websites are filled with unique images provided by them. You would be surprised how quickly it is to get to a respectable number of images; if you take a handful of pictures per move, you’ll separate yourself from the pretenders. Best of all, once you acquire “X” number of photos, you don’t need to take anymore. Typically a few dozen will prove you are not a brokerage or a fly by night company:

Increase Leads for Moving Business
Stock Photos Movers

I like a smiling woman as much as the next man, or a smiling man if that’s your thing – why should I care? Either way, we need authenticity. Once our clients buy into this idea, our results get even more amazing.

You also have to keep in mind, no matter how busy you are, and your moving company, you can NOT pass the burden onto your customers. We’ve taken on clients whose request a quote form looked like they needed an attorney and a surgeon present! Shorten it up, and vet the lead internally. Everyone has seen a contact form, so adding customization is critical. Or, you can do what our clients have done, and use our custom interactive form which has increased leads for 100% of all movers we work with: small, medium, and mega operations.

Custom Mover Quote Software

4) You Wouldn’t Yell “I’m Here” at a Bar & Stop Talking

Maybe if your beard looked as good as mine you could pull this off, but for most mortals, you need a follow up process. If someone is going to allow and accept you into their home or place of work, and possibly spend thousands of dollars on a long distance or complicated move, then you can’t rely on just 1 visit to your website to seal the deal.

Facebook Advertising for Movers

This is called remarketing, and it’s an old tactic, BUT we put a new spin on it – and wow is the end result worth it! Instead of sending traffic back to the same website they were already on earlier in the day or week, we gently guide them into a quote through an automated chat software integrated with your ads on Facebook and Instagram. Now, instead of social media providing little to no value, it’s a way to get exclusive red hot leads without you ever having to do anything additional. We even code it so the lead gets forwarded via email. This works well because Facebook already has every data point on you: Your Name, Email, Phone. All the end user does is tap a few times (similar to our custom Request a Quote form) to request a quote from you.

Exclusive Moving Job Leads

5) Who Brought the Jet Fuel?

At this point your website should be personalized, have a good human being user experience, a follow up process to squeeze value out of traffic, and hundreds to thousands of webpages targeting all your services and service areas.

Did you know Google knows the IPs of people using their search engines? They know exactly where they live, whether on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. Now imagine searching for “Movers near me” and seeing an ad that shows your Town + Movers. MoversBoost has dozens of templates used for every single major and minor service you offer. We combine this data with your towns for a symphony of domination.

Google Ads Pay Per Click Management for Movers

We have some clients with over 600 campaigns, and 1200 ads! You can only Geo-target at the campaign level inside Google Ads, which is why this strategy is so powerful. If someone searches for Furniture Moves in Lino Lakes, sees an ad that displays: Lino Lakes Furniture Movers, and they click on the ad which takes them to that specific webpage, now you have the most targeted ad on the internet, along with a follow-up process to squeeze value out of paid traffic. Our clients are routinely getting high rates of return from not only Google Maps, organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but also Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Paid Traffic for Moving Leads
Moving Marketing SEO Expert

About Matt Anton (client strategist) for MoversBoost:

  • 9 video testimonials, from this agency and others over the years. Track record of excellence, actual results, and caring about people.
  • Identifies systems: found a loophole in Madden video game where he won a tournament without picking a defensive formation.
  • Family man: 2 daughters, married college sweetheart.
  • Personally moved multiple friends because they were too cheap to hire a professional. The reliable one of the group, and called forth because of his beard and strong back. Respects the industry.
  • Sends thousands of EXCLUSIVE, red-hot leads to his MoversBoost clients every month, an extension of his family.

We believe that it all comes down to proof. An outstanding SEO company should always be able to show you substantiated examples and case studies of other Moving Company clients who have had great success using their services. Here is one such example for a client in Atlanta, Georgia who work in an extremely competitive market. We have been able to get them top page placement on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for a number of their most important keywords in their area.


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