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How To Get the Best Jacksonville Moving Leads

High-quality leads are the lifeblood of any business. If you want to hear from customers ready to hire you to do their moving today, you need a targeted campaign that brings them in and gets your phone ringing. MoversBoost can get you those leads.

We’re a Marketing Agency for Moving Businesses

At MoversBoost, our name spells it out. We specialize in creating innovative, affordable marketing campaigns specifically for moving companies. Our expertise is in finding great local customers who need a mover and want to reserve one today.

For most people, moving is a headache that involves lots of moving parts. We show them how easy it is to find a Jacksonville mover that makes their move 100 times easier. With our help, that mover will be you.

Exclusive Leads Just for You

We don’t use a scattershot approach, and we don’t work with your competitors. We find the best Jacksonville moving leads, and we deliver them only to you.

Moving is a tough business. If your efforts haven’t let you stand out over your competition, we can guide you to a high-impact, high-results marketing plan.

Customers Are Looking for Your Business

We know how frustrating the search for moving customers is. There are hundreds of moving companies in Jacksonville, and they all promise the same things.

How do customers choose? Most surveys find they:

  • Look at the top-ranking businesses on their internet search.
  • Rely heavily on reviews from local buyers.
  • Want local businesses they can contact right away.

To get these customers, you need to rank high on search engine results, have great reviews and offer many ways to interact with customers. We help you achieve all that.

Your Location Could Be the Ticket to the Best Leads

Our marketing approach focuses on improving your search engine optimization (SEO) results among local users looking on Google and other search engines. Improving local SEO is the basis of our approach.

Location Matters

You’ve probably heard the old saying about “location, location, location” being the top three most important things in real estate. The same holds true for any business when it comes to SEO and local searches.

Today, Google’s statistics say about half the people using the powerful search engine use “local” in their keyword search. And more than 80% of people using smartphones include the words “near me” in a search.

Best of all, most customers will contact a local business within 24 hours of finding it.

Our SEO optimization will make sure your business is the one they find.

How We Get the Best Jacksonville Moving Leads

Our goal with any moving business is to create a steady flow of calls and online quote requests. Once your marketing plan gets underway, you’ll have a built-in pipeline you can turn on any time you need fresh leads. We make it happen with a multi-pronged strategy that mixes traditional and online methods.

Here are some ways we’ll help you tap into those great Jacksonville leads.

SEO Strategy for Movers

A solid SEO strategy is the key to our marketing approach. This a tried and tested method of internet marketing that delivers predictable results in the form of leads that want to contact you and hire you today.

You may have heard that you need a social media strategy to succeed in business these days. A social media approach is an excellent complement to an SEO-focused one, but it’s not enough on its own. Most people don’t use Instagram or Twitter, but they do use Google and other popular search engines. Studies have found SEO strategies drive 10 times as many people to your business website as social media strategies.

We focus on what works.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization refers to the conversion rate of your ads and website. A conversion rate measures how many people respond to an ad or website by calling the business, sending an online bid request, or visiting the store in person.

A well-designed marketing plan creates high conversion rates. What is considered a good rate? Traditional advertising is considered successful if it produces a 2% conversion rate. Compare that to a targeted SEO campaign, which can deliver conversion rates of 14% or higher.

Professional Website Design

Outstanding content and an attractive design will make your business website stand out with a sharp, professional image. High-quality content is one of the best ways to improve your SEO rankings and get leads to visit your website.

In recent years, Google changed its algorithms to favor what it considers high-quality content. Many businesses that had previously ranked highly suddenly found their position dropping because they didn’t have content that met Google’s standards.

What is that standard? It means content that’s informative, useful, well-written and not overly “salesy.” If you’re not sure what kind of content you need, talk to us. We provide well-written, informative content for your website and blog.

Optimize Your Website to Drive Leads

We go beyond a great-looking design and impressive content. With our help, your website will soar high in the search rankings. We add:

  • Advanced ecommerce features.
  • Expert use of backlinks and inbound links.
  • Title tags, header tags and image alt tags.
  • Top keywords for your business and area.
  • Internal navigation that helps search engines crawl the website.
  • Layers of content, including images, infographics and text.

Optimization of Your Google Business Profiles

Google provides a powerful marketing tool to every business, but most businesses don’t regularly update their Google My Business profile. Customers who visit your profile page are looking for detailed information about you. It’s your opportunity to show off your company with photos, customer reviews, contact information and a messaging system that lets you engage directly with customers.

The best part about a fully optimized Google My Business profile is that it puts you on an equal footing with any competitor. There’s no way they can get a more productive profile just by spending more money. We’ll create a Google My Business profile that’s packed with engaging content and useful information. We’ll make sure your customers feel good about calling you.

Google Advertising PPC for Moving Companies

Paid advertising is a key part of any marketing campaign. If you’ve tired this without getting great results, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our approach. Using your ideas and images, we’ll craft a winning campaign using affordable pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

When you use PPC, you only pay for an ad when a customer “clicks” on it to go to your website or online quote request form. It has many advantages over traditional paid advertising:

  • It’s affordable on almost any budget.
  • You can stop, pause and cancel your campaign any time.
  • It delivers powerful, measurable results.
  • You can test different ads or keywords to see which work best.

Phone and Online Leads

Some people want to do all their estimating and bidding online when they look for a Jacksonville mover. Others want to do everything through a chat system, and some want to talk to a live person. Our system brings all these buyers to your website.

We’ll redesign your online quote form and make it easy for customers to reach you by email, chat, phone or online quote request. Get ready to keep up with more calls and quote requests than you’ve ever had.

The Best Jacksonville Moving Leads Are Waiting for You

Your moving customers are out there, and a well-executed marketing plan can find them. If you’re ready to make a dramatic change in the number and value of Jacksonville moving leads you get, talk to us today. We can help you design a plan that uses the power of the internet to bring you a steady stream of people who want you to be their mover.