**Updated: Client is Now #1 in Bing Maps**

Rank Number One in Big


Go to: https://www.bingplaces.com/

Import data from Google My Business
Login to your gmail

Make sure the following are added:
Segement of Business:
Professionals & Services

Movers (Primary)
Moving & Storage Services
Piano Moving Service (if applicable)



Service Areas
Do you deliver goods and services to your customers at their location?

Enter areas you service (max 20)

Are customers expected to visit your address?
(Yes, if you have a public facing warehouse or office)

Is this a business or a professional?

Add email, and any social media

Your business listing in Bing Places will show as verified automatically if you imported from Google My Business.
If you created the Bing Places Map listing for your moving company manually, you will be sent a physical mailer from Bing with a PIN code inside. Once you receive, log back into
Bing Places and input the PIN code and you will be 100% in your profile and verified in Bing Maps.


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