“MoversBoost Cut My Advertising Expenses by 50% and added 45% New Business at the same time”

– Joel Cologne, Mudanza Moving and Cleaning

Joel didn’t always know his numbers…he owned a basic mover website from VistaPrint, purchased shared leads from places like Yelp, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, Homeadvisor, Billy, paid college kids to hand out flyers in apartment complexes, ran Facebook Ads, Craigslist postings, and cursed the day he signed up for a Google Ads account.

He was becoming the leader in his area but was hemorrhaging money, profits were down, booking rates were stagnant, and he was burnt out attempting to “build a funnel of leads”.

That’s when he contacted MoversBoost and we set in action a winning strategy to consistently grow his moving business every month, with full accountability.

โ–บ Call Tracking & Form Tracking: Once implemented there was no more guesswork. We could then look at the lead numbers as a pure math equation. Total $ spent, total leads received, and cost per lead.

How Much Do Moving Leads Cost

โ–บ Conversion is all that matters: Driving the wrong traffic wastes money (we’ll reveal our strategies in another email), and worse is driving the right traffic, at the right time, but your website offer fails to get the potential customer to call or fill out your form. MoversBoost organic SEO and Google Ads focus on the keywords which matter, disregard the rest, and send traffic to a geo-targeted landing page with calls to action (This is also the importance of real photos, videos, and reviews, sent in another email)

โš ๏ธ Why an extremely low Cost Per Lead is not Always The Goal

Buy Cheap Moving Leads

Each month our clients are receiving better Cost Per Lead acquisition costs. However, if you get to a point where your EXCLUSIVE cost per moving lead is under $30, $20, $10, and $5, you should begin to consider the balance between growth and profit. Sure, some clients prefer to maximize profit, but others want to grow – FAST, and then take more profits on the backend.

This is exactly what Fresh Start The Moving Crew set out to do.

“I can actually pay myself again and pay off my debts”

– James Cooper, Fresh Start The Moving Crew

Already in debt from a previous bad business relationship, James was ready to triple down on himself, and bet big….and boy he did! Once he saw all the tracking in place, and Cost Per Lead lowering every month, James took out a monster loan, and tasked himself, MoversBoost, and Faith to get the job done. James is not your normal moving person. He is a leader, a man of extreme faith, and a heart of gold – he knew there was no failure when looking at his family. Not an option.

โ–บ $19.73 Cost Per Lead average 18 months ago

โ–บ $ 6.64 Cost Per Lead average today

Keep in mind, not all leads are created equally. These are red-hot leads, mostly exclusive and some shared (we warm up shared leads and sift the gold out – they will feel exclusive even if paying from other platforms as long as your media, reviews and laser targeted traffic is on point!), some long distance interstate moves, and other large commercial contracts.

James could have been complacent and stayed at one of our basic tiers, and still received more booked jobs with MoversBoost than without, but he didn’t settle, saw the numbers made sense, and kept re-investing money back into his business, betting on himself. He was able to pay off all his debts, get a new truck and fired all the dead weight in his company.

Today, Joel is consistent and happy to remain at a tier where he is comfortable and semi-retired (nothing wrong with that). He continues to get more leads for his hard-earned dollars and close them at a very high rate. The math shows he could quadruple his budget and still be profitable, but that’s the beauty of full tracking – you make informed decisions based on what’s best for you, your moving company and your family.

Without real photos, real videos and stellar reviews, your cost per lead will be significantly higher, delaying your growth. With it you’ll close exclusive leads below the industry average of $40 per lead, and you will close shared leads at the highest rate possible – they won’t even remember they talked to 5 other movers before you, and you’ll end up winning the job more often than not once everything is in place.


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