Facebook, Instagram and other social networks are now Pay to Play.

You can endlessly post photos, videos, reviews, but you will not get the same level of traction from actually running Paid Ads on their platform.

Shocker, right, they want and need to get paid, so what is the best way to leverage social media for your moving business?

Don’t Interrupt 👵 Grandma’s Cat Videos – Get in Front of the Right People

Social Media for Movers

Most fail at Facebook advertising because they attempt to market to everyone based on a zip code, radius or preferences. As great as Facebook is, this is a losing battle because you will inevitably waste your ad dollars.

► Remarketing:

Remarketing means you ONLY show your ads to people who were once on your website. You can further narrow it down within Facebook / Instagram (same ad platform) by their location. For pennies on the dollar MoversBoost is able to get right back in front of client’s prospects using this tactic. When hundreds of people see your ads 1-5 times in the first 30 days of their moving journey (what else were they doing on your website?), you will get more people who remember they still need to call/hire a moving company, and you are on the top of their mind.

  • The ad can mention a special Web or Social Media coupon

  • A call to action such as message (Direct Message) DM, or visit a webpage for the offer

All you have to do is add a piece of code from Facebook (HTML), and Facebook will track all your website traffic. It may take you a day or two to get the hang of if doing it yourself, but it’s a tactic the big franchise moving companies use. Ever shop on a website such as Amazon, and have been followed around the internet? They do it because it works, and is working right now for MoversBoost clients.

► Build a Foundation on your Social Profiles:

You should still make posts either monthly or quarterly at the least so you don’t appear to be a defunct business. However, it’s there for social proof more than driving business, as the ads will do all the heavy lifting. Organic / Viral posts are FEW and far between. You don’t need to go viral or post endlessly, post a bunch of real, authentic photos/videos, get a few reviews, and let the ads do the rest to keep the phone ringing.


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