Google Search Console verifies your domain in Google’s Search Engine

Google search console is your direct line of communication with Google for your SEO, top webpages, keywords, and technical website health

Go to Google Search Console:

  1. Start Now -> Add Property

Type in your domain name (not https, http or www version)

Google Search Console moving website

Google Search Console moving website optimization

Save the code provided by Google. Can copy and paste it into a Word document or notepad. Then you are going to login to where you purchased your domain. If someone else handles your website hosting, you will need to email them this code, and ask them to add. Once they confirm you can VERIFY the domain. This example image is Godaddy but it can be Wix, Squarespace, Bluehost, Siteground and many other website hosts for moving websites.

Add DNS TXT record moving company website

Find your manage DNS section. Go to Add. Type is TXT. The name is @ and the value is the code provided by Google in previous steps.

Verify domain in Google Movers

After you add the DNS TXT record, wait 5-10 minutes. Then go back to Google Search Console and click Verify. If you did it correctly your website will not be verified in Google Search Console.

Whitehat SEO for Movers

Why should Movers get verified in Google Search Console?

SEO Basics: Google is a trust and relevancy engine. It’s not official but websites verified in Google Search Console have proven to Google you have access to the website, and it’s most likely not a fly by night or spam company.

Sitemap: Many website builders such as WordPress have built in sitemap generation tools. A sitemap is a list of all your images and webpages so Google bot can quickly crawl and find new webpages, images and now videos on your website.

Top Performing Keywords for Movers: Google shows the exact queries you are receiving search Impressions (you were on the page but not necessarily clicked) and search clicks. This data can help you double down on more important keywords and more important locations (if you see a webpage such as Gun Safe Mover + LOCATION is starting to receive traffic).



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