“What’s Up”

“Yeah, that’s us, You need to move? When baby girl”

Talk about a turn off. It’s no secret, the first few seconds are critical when communicating or establishing trust and professionalism. When MoversBoost analyzes our most successful moving clients, there is a pattern. System, professionalism, and a very respectful, friendly, and to the point opener.

🚫 Imagine being a person who needs a mover, and calls a business and hears…

► Someone chewing, eating, drinking

► A side conversation just finishing up “Yeah do that then”, nah, oh hello

► An Unfriendly question or demand such as Hello? What’s Up, Yeah, Uh huh Yes, that’s us, how can I help you

✅ The proper way to answer your phone (assuming it’s a new customer)

— SMILE before picking up the phone. People pick up on bad energy! —

[NAME OF YOUR COMPANY], my name is [YOUR NAME], who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

Possible phrases to use during the call:

► Great, do you know what date or dates you would like to move?

-You can then check your own availability and guide/work with him/her on this. Can gauge seriousness of the customer if they haven’t even thought of a date.

► Awesome, may I know the starting address of the move and the destination?

-good buyer intent information. It might be going to storage, but if they don’t know any addresses or locations, chances are they are wasting your time.

► Perfect, would you prefer to setup your [NAME OF YOUR COMPANY] itemized quote over the phone now, or schedule a time to go over each bedroom and your important items?

-This helps rebrand yourself during the call, and position yourself as a premier mover, vs just saying “move quote” as it can sound generic and immediately puts you back into competing mode with other movers. It also takes away their ability to rush you off the phone 15 minutes in because they can’t talk. They can do it, but it’s much harder for them to blatantly lie if they initially agree to the process.

Keep in mind Rapport is Created Through Value…

How to Get more Booked Moving Jobs for Movers

You are NOT talking with a friend, so don’t assume you can talk to people with a level of informality which you haven’t earned the right yet; save the grab-ass type locker room conversation for the locker room. What if the woman you are talking to was married to a CEO of a Fortune 500, and ate off fine china plates for the last 30 years? You are 100% not going to win her over by saying “Yeah” or “What’s Up” when you pick up the phone. Remember, you don’t want to deal with disrespectful people, and by being very respectful and polite, you can easily guide the conversation towards a sales consultation, or just simply let them know you cannot provide them service at this time without them assuming it’s something personal, which it won’t be, it’s just business if the numbers don’t line up.

Once you establish a relationship, then you can be childish as you want ha, but not before. We all like to have fun, but it’s common courtesy to say hello when passing strangers on the street, and not saying “what’s up” as some may take it offensively; how many people do you think were shot over someone misunderstanding “Yeah Are you Good”, with “hello”? It’s the same principle when answering the phone. If you answer the phone with this very basic, universally friendly introduction, you will close more booked jobs, quicken up your sales process, and save yourself from off topic talks about the Lakers or Ravens and confusing it with building rapport when it just derails your sales process.


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