I don’t want Google Ads Pay Per Click bullsh*t – it’s a scam!

-previous non-believer

Many of our clients have been burnt in the past by Google Ads or other advertising/lead providers. Rightfully so, the platform has countless ways to lose money, and really only a few ways to make it work (make more $ than you spend).

Whether our clients are under the flat rate plans (all inclusive) or larger budgets for SEO and one separate for Google Ads, we manage over 100 moving companies Google Ads pay per click.

🎯 It doesn’t have to feel like throwing darts at a board and hoping for the best

All the conversion tracking in the world won’t fix poorly planned keywords and landing pages.

Call tracking and form tracking are critical to know your overall budget / leads = cost per lead. MoversBoost uses all the best keywords such as:

movers near me

moving company near me

Landing Pages for Movers Google Ads Pay Per Click Management

Phone Call Google Ads Leads

► Database + Location Targeting in Google Ads

Cost Per Click for Movers Google Ads

i.e. (Movers Near Northport Florida) = literally the most hyper relevant ad on the internet for movers. The only way the targeting could be better is if you advertised on a street level (not possible). This is the importance of creating multiple webpages or leveraging MoversBoost software Database to blanket every town, zip code, and service combination. Of course this can be done manually, but it’s time consuming to write, use unique images, and optimize for humans and search engines for each landing page.

Imagine if you lived in Summerlin, Nevada which is a suburb near Las Vegas. The lazy way is to simply advertise to a circular radius, but the best way is to display a specific ad only such as:

Summerlin Movers Near Me – Licensed & Insured

About Us, Gallery Photos, Reviews, Gallery Videos, Free Quote

Google KNOWS where people live based on their IP address when performing a search

Most national moving companies waste budget by simply ignoring small suburbs. That’s where winning is done! Get into the details, or engage in a spending war you simply cannot win.

► Unintended Terrible Keywords:

How to run Google Ads for Movers

We get inside new clients accounts all the time where they were ran by “experts”. Typically we see things in there such as moving blankets, shed movers, two men and a truck, all my sons moving, bill’s moving, bob’s moving, jack’s moving. Gee, I wonder who is clicking on your ad, could it be Mr Bill who is pissed off you are actively bidding on his Moving Company down the street, your direct competitor?

►🛑 Software to Block Fraudulent Clicks:

Google Ads tracking for Moving Companies

Did you know you can block IP addresses in Google Ads? The process is tedious and most do not use it. MoversBoost uses software automation to block competitors from clicking on our ads more than twice within 90 days. Because 1 out of every 4 ad clicks is fraud, if you block the majority of them, you will have a much higher return on investment, even with the same targeting as someone else using Google Ads.

► 🔎 Cost Per Click can be micro-managed:

Pay Per Click Expert for Movers

Google is an amazing algorithm, but they will never care about your business as much as you do. While most choose to use Google’s built in features to maximize clicks or conversions, if you are willing to manage it each day, you can manually lower bids for keywords which are getting clicks, and slightly raise others each day if they are important to you. The process of manually lowering (sometimes raising) means you still have a great chance of spending your entire daily budget, so you actually get more clicks per $ by the end of each 30 days.

For example if you were bidding on “gun safe movers near me”, targeting Boston, MA, it might initially cost $12.50 per click, but you can lower it each day until you discover you are no longer receiving any clicks (then you know you went too far).

$12.50 (5 clicks) -> $12.00 (5 clicks) -> $11.00 (5 clicks) -> $10 -> No clicks at $9 (5 clicks) -> $9.50 (6 clicks)

In this basic example you can see you received clicks on average for $3 cheaper per click within only 5 days of manual testing, which enabled you to get 1 more click. If you do this for all your keywords and campaigns you can have significant savings over the course of 30-120 days.

If your bids are now too low, simply raise the bid back up until you find the sweet spot. As long as your daily budget is spent, and you are receiving more clicks (with great targeting) you’ll get more value from your Google Ads than all of your competitors who aren’t manually managing their campaigns.

MoversBoost saves money for its clients by blocking fraud competitor clicks and by lowering keyword costs over time. It also doesn’t hurt to know all the best keywords across 100 client accounts. As your organic SEO improves, your cost per click also lowers because it’s a more relevant result. Keywords on page 3 pay significantly less per click than those on page 10. This is related to Google Ads quality score, as Google doesn’t want to send an ad about clown college to someone looking for dental schools. SEO and Ads are intricately connected more than most realize for this reason.


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