Login Facebook.com

Make sure your personal profile is connected to your Facebook page. 99% of the time it’s the same one. If it is, then

In the top right corner, click on your profile picture, then click on your business icon/logo to

Switch Profiles

Facebook for Movers

It will display “Switching to YOUR BUSINESS”

Switch to Facebook Business Page for Movers

Then open up this webpage:


Which takes you to your Settings. You should see the business request from the company that requested, in this case:

MoversBoost. Accept and done.

Facebook Social Marketing for Movers

If you do not see the ability to accept the Business Account access request from MoversBoost. Add your Account Manager as a friend on Facebook (their profile url will be supplied or you can ask for it). Then go back to the same page and go to Add new

Moving Company Social Media Marketing

Advertise on Facebook for Movers

Start typing the name of the person you want to give access to your Moving Company Facebook Page.

Type in their name exactly how it appears on Facebook.

If their profile (correct person) doesn’t show up you may have to add the person as a friend first on Facebook (make sure you are friends on here with your account manager if the Business to Business page request did not work), then go back to the page listed earlier, and type in the person’s name (who is now your Facebook friend) they will pop up right away.

Facebook Ads for Movers

Give Access

The person will then receive a Facebook notification they have been added to your Moving Company Facebook Page, and they can switch to your profile and do activities such as:

Photo Uploads, Posts, Video Uploads, and reply to comments

The first method is preferred as it’s a Business to Business access on Facebook. If for some reason you do not see the business to business account connection request, the work around is to add your account manager as a friend, then follow the steps in this guide to invite them to access your Facebook page.





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