Internal Links Help Humans and Search Engines find More Content on Your Website.

Successful, large moving companies tend to have larger websites. Dozens, hundreds and sometimes thousands of webpages. Proper search engine optimization is about referencing (linking) to your most important and relevant webpages.

1) Create Content (see our Content Marketing Guide)

Create webpages based on all your services and service areas, and/or create lifestyle content for people looking or interested in moving into your area. They most likely want to know things like cost of living, things to do, landmarks, schools, churches, utilities, etc.

Content Internal Linking SEO Moving Websites 2

2) Edit (Insert Links) on Webpages

Now that you have a few content pieces or dozens of webpages and/or blogs live, you’ll want to go back over them and insert links to your most important webpages. Perhaps you do 75% of your business from one major town or city; you’ll want to link to that one more often. Or maybe you want to get more long distance moves, you can link to your long distance webpage from each inner page. An example is MoversBoost focuses on SEO for Moving Companies, where the internal link is relevant to the natural flow, links to a desired webpage you would like to get more traffic to, and it contains keywords you want to rank for in search engines (it doesn’t have to be exact, just something better than “here”, since that’s not very descriptive.

3) Analyze Your Menu & Footer

People expect to see “Home” in your menu; I wouldn’t be so extreme to rename all your menu items keyword phrases, but the Menu is very powerful. Your menu is sitewide, which means it appears universally on all your webpages. Because of this you want to get as many webpages within reason that make you money in your Menu. 

SEO tips for Movers

The next is your Footer area. Amazon and other companies do a great job of linking to sister websites and important webpages on their website. Internal links are votes of confidence to Google and Bing that we as the owners of the website care and value these webpages, therefore they should. Add your top services and service areas in your footer area.

SEO Guide for Movers Internal Links

When SEOs and Marketing agencies think of links, often they only think of external link building. Even though it’s important, if you don’t have content on your website, you simply won’t show up for it in search results. If you build out a large website, and you properly internally link it, you’ll see a rise in rankings, traffic, leads and booked jobs.


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