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If you’re looking to increase your moving lead volume, you need to be able to identify people who need to move their stuff. While this may sound like a daunting task, there are several ways to generate moving leads and maximize your ROI. Here are a few proven methods. Listed below are some of the best ways to generate moving leads for your real estate company. They’ll be more likely to convert to customers.

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Network with your community. Often, this involves joining community Facebook groups. You’ll be surprised how many people are interested in your moving business – for example, if you have a new truck, you’ll be able to target those people. Or, if you have an ice cream stand, you might be able to target those who are interested in your ice cream. It all comes down to small engagements and relationships that turn into moving leads.

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Rank higher in local search results. Showing up in the local map section of Google will get your business more attention. If potential clients use certain search terms, you’ll show up higher on the search results than any organic result. Also, these results are accompanied by a call button and website link, so people will be more likely to click through to your business. And, it’s especially important to rank well in local search engines on mobile devices.

Try calling potential clients first. Then, offer them a discount based on the total cost. The old school sales trick still works a treat. Moreover, many moving companies don’t answer their phones on weekends, so making them accessible at the weekend will boost your booking ratio. Also, consider placing a dedicated salesperson on the phone on weekends, which will help you increase the number of moving leads that you receive.

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Lastly, use social media sites. Although many people use these platforms for marketing purposes, they are equally effective for securing new moving leads. After all, social media sites are informal versions of search engines. If you post interesting content on these sites, you’ll likely attract attention. If your business is a moving company, social media may just be the perfect way to reach potential customers. Your business will be remembered and the reputation you have created will be a major boost for your business.

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Don’t be afraid to be personal. The more personal you make yourself, the better your chances of winning business. You may want to create a website where customers can leave reviews. Make sure that you give each lead the personal touch and create a good rapport. And make sure to assign a salesperson to every new lead. They should be readily available to answer questions and help the business grow. You should consider a variety of different marketing methods to get more moving leads.

Consumers trust online reviews and information more than offline ones. In order to increase your moving leads, you must boost your presence in business listing websites. Boosting positive reviews on your website will help you generate new leads for your business. Moreover, people respond to positive words and reviews, so boosting positive reviews will help you gain more customers. When people see that your business is reputable, it increases your conversion rate. If you have a reputation for customer service and offer quality moving services, your chances of getting leads will skyrocket.

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A blog optimized for moving questions will help you introduce your brand to moving leads who are already in the marketing funnel. Using retargeting, where you place a code on your visitor’s browser, you can continue to display ads to them even after they leave your website, will allow you to keep your brand front and center. This will help you develop a lasting relationship with your audience and increase your sales. In addition to blog optimization, you can also try running retargeting campaigns on Facebook newsfeeds.