“We Already Know We Want to Book With You, Just Let us Know Your Rates…”

This is exactly the conversation our client Vincent Perez, from Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas had with a lead; he’s competing against Two Men and a Truck, All My Sons, Get Bellhops, Black Tie Moving, and other major national companies and local movers. As long as his price wasn’t too ridiculous they wanted him, and were presold on his moving company.

It wasn’t always this way…before real photos and videos people treated him like a dog in a number’s game – “Just give me a damn price!”  – Yikes, we all hate being there, and we know secretly to blame ourselves for being in that position. So, is this fixable, and how do we fix it?

Half the selling process is done before you even pick up the phone to greet your potential new customer. Razzle dazzling the prospect, slashing pricing, and other freebie nonsense is for fly by night companies, brokerages, and those unwilling to invest in their moving company.

💪🏼 Authenticity is your key to competing and winning against national companies and local competitors. Without it, we are fighting an uphill battle. With it, we are unstoppable, and the data proves it.

✅ Pictures & Video Data Across 100 Moving Clients:

How to Market Your Moving Business

MoversBoost analytics across 100 clients shows customers spend an average of ⏲️ 1 minute and 35 seconds longer on websites with real photos (non stock/fake ones). We’ve all seen the random 115 lb person smiling holding a 4 lb box stock photo. This does not increase trust, because it’s what brokers must do, since they do not have a real team behind them.

Potential customers spend an average of 📺 2 minutes and 7 seconds longer on websites with real videos (non stock/animated cartoon ones). Customers spend an average of 📈 3 minutes and 40 seconds longer on websites with real photos, real videos and over 70 reviews. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You are going into their home, their sanctuary. This added time on your website = a very warm, red hot exclusive lead who trusts you more before even picking up the phone. Don’t want to hear “Just give me a price NOW!” on the phone? This is the absolute best way to move away from people talking down to you, and having them pre-qualify themselves before you ever even talk to them; it’s the power behind all major moving companies, and it can be yours, in just a few quick moves. The more time they engage on your website and care about your moving company, the better quality the lead is when they call or fill out the form.

🦁 MoversBoost Needs Your Help to Become the King of Your Market…

While we have clients succeeding with stock images, 90%+ of clients who supply unique images and/or videos have the best rates of leads, we recommend to begin now working on taking real photos and videos of your team in action. Our team will then optimize your media in multiple ways, upload to your Google My Business (Maps) and website; this will boost your rankings, search traffic, and skyrocket 🚀 your conversion rate into red hot, exclusive leads.

❓ What Kind of Pictures / Videos Do Movers Need to Display?

Moving Company Marketing expert

Anything and everything! Do NOT worry about proper lighting, uniforms, angles, smiling, or any of those details. Just be in the moment and snap a bunch of photos and/or videos on your next couple moves. Simply hold the phone sideways and snap photos and/or videos on your next moves. You can take a bunch of photos from different angles, rooms, or boxes.

Selfies, Team Shots, loading/unloading, the possibilities are limitless!

Your entire brand presence can be completely transformed in a handful of moves. Worried the prospect might get upset your snapping pictures on their dime? Include them in the process. Simply offer them 30 minutes off your labor rate as a sincere thank you, as you build your empire, a few photos and videos at a time.

📂 How Many Pictures / Videos Do We Need?

How to Start a Moving Business

Rome wasn’t built in a day. We’ve seen as little as 20 photos completely transform a client’s conversion rate. Same website traffic, but 25% more leads. MoversBoost puts your media front and center, and uses it as the lynch pin to driving laser targeted traffic into a warm funnel to create a truly exclusive lead experience.

Our Goal:

Moving Company Business Plan

Once clients get around 200 photos and 10 videos, they’ve reached peak saturation. This doesn’t mean you should stop, but you do not have to worry about media once you set a foundation. This is because people are scrolling through your pictures and videos to ensure you are who you say you are, and NOT a brokerage, or a fly by night company.

They are new to each new customer each time, so those photos and videos will pay enormous dividends over the next few months and years for every lead.


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