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If you own a moving company, you probably want more incoming moving leads. However, generating those leads can be difficult. In addition to the time and money required to market your business, you’ll also need to optimize your website for local search terms. Here are some tips on how to get more leads. Read on to learn more! Listed below are some ways to get more moving leads. You can also use the services of moving aggregators.

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Network with the community. One of the easiest ways to get moving leads is to join community Facebook groups. These groups are typically comprised of individuals who know people who are looking for a moving service. If you’re a local ice cream shop, for example, you’ll get leads from these groups. Remember that networking is all about small engagements and these connections can turn into moving leads. Incorporate these tips into your marketing strategy and see if you can get more leads!

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Create a tracking system. A tracking system allows you to measure how many leads you generate from your ads. You can segment your Google Ads by time and day. After-hours and daylight hours may generate less moving leads than after-hours. Make sure you create different metrics based on your business. For example, if you have a moving company, you might want to focus on generating more residential leads each month.

Offer referral incentives. Ask satisfied customers to recommend your services to others. A referral incentive program could provide you with the most leads for your business. Incentives for referrals can also be ongoing. For example, you can offer a referral discount based on the amount they paid for your services. Referrals are great for generating a steady stream of moving leads. And don’t forget to promote it! You’ll be surprised at how quickly referrals can increase your sales!

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Create a brand. Brand your moving company’s trucks, crew uniforms, and business cards to make them stand out in the community. In addition, you can offer free moving services, take pictures of the trucks, and share these pictures on social media. Previous customers and referrals are the easiest to book leads for moving companies. After all, they’ve already used your services, so they’re likely to use your services again.

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Consider swapping business. Sometimes, one moving company cannot serve the needs of a lead due to its distance or calendar. However, if your vision is unique, try it! If it works, go for it! If your marketing plan seems like a gamble, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Follow your intuition and test a few different marketing tactics to find what works best for you. You’ll be glad you did.

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Network with real estate professionals. Realtors know more people than anyone else, and they can refer you to their clients. Reach out to local real estate events and social media sites. Make a point to establish yourself as a trustworthy, professional moving company and try to convince them to refer their clients to you. In return, you can even offer them a referral fee for referring you to their clients. And remember, referrals are a great way to make a big impression!

Postcards are another way to generate moving leads. You can advertise with pay-per-click options that appear above organic search results. If you’re targeting specific keywords, you’ll find more potential clients by targeting these leads with ads. If you want to make sure your ads appear above other companies’ listings, you’ll need to test your postcards. If you’re using mailing lists, make sure you test your postcards to make sure that they are attractive and effective.