“That’s higher than we were quoted by 3 others, but you do have a 5 Star Reputation, so YES let’s get locked in for our move date please…”

This is the conversation Infinite Moving had with a potential customer when they easily won a 4 bedroom local move in Polk County, Florida, despite being priced higher than the cheaper fly-by-night competition.

Below you will see the exact method and message to achieve the same result for your moving company, but first let’s look at some gut-punch worthy statistics…

► 8 out of 10 Moving Customers Read Local Reviews BEFORE Booking

► Moving Companies with a 4.8⭐ or higher have 3 times the conversion of those below 3.9

► Going from 25 reviews to 50 bumps up conversion by another 18%

► 50 or more reviews can increase conversions an additional 4.6%

These numbers are intimidating if they aren’t in your favor, but can also be a wake-up moment to completely dominate your area. Who wants to pay 3 times as much to get the same lead as a competitor?

🤔 So How Do You Improve Your Reputation with Real Reviews?

Reputation Management for Movers

It’s so simple and common sense, you would think it wouldn’t be the ultimate way to transform your reputation and enhance it ⚡ QUICKLY.

MoversBoost has tried it all -BirdEye, CRM automation to send out email follow ups if they liked the move, then sending them to an internal web form if they had a bad experience with more sequences and follow ups. We learned some lessons amongst 100 clients.

► “Review Gating” won’t save you if you didn’t do right by someone. They won’t be tricked into filling out an internal web form that goes nowhere online. Studies prove this; all it does is annoy people who did have a good experience, tirelessly clicking multiple times to do you a favor. Your volume of real reviews is lessened, while the Karen’s of the world skillfully dodge any barriers you attempt to place before them and posting a 17 paragraph review about her priceless wood furniture (we both know it was second hand!) you nicked 1/32 of an inch out of … just breathe! ha

Get Rid of Bad Reviews on Google for Moving Companies

► Email isn’t bad, but it’s not great. Not everyone sends out informative, or thought-provoking emails. Think of how many emails in a day or week you trash without opening. It’s also considered a delayed communication, so people who intended to leave you a good review opened it, but never bothered to follow up.

Reviews Software Movers

► 📱 Text has the best open rate and success rate by far. Most people are attached at the hip to their phones. When the notification bell goes off for a new SMS text, the dopamine rush is too great to ignore!

Text Message SMS marketing for Movers

✒️ You Do Not Need to be Shakespeare for this to work

Simply Copy and Paste this entire message below and text it to your customer BEFORE leaving the residence. Respectfully inform them you just sent them a text and would sincerely appreciate their help and honest feedback. And because this is the same exact message every time, it adds maybe 15 seconds to your process. Someone was a complete bear during the move and not happy? Simple, you don’t send the text message. If you are going out on the moves yourself, add this to your own internal process. If your crew is managing this, have the leader of the team add this as part of his/her job.

Here it is, the exact message Infinite Moving and others have asked to get over 200 real 5 star reviews in a short period of time…

Thank You very much for your business. Can you please help us by leaving your honest feedback here because it helps us tremendously:


Simply replace the above placeholder with your own Google My Business review link, or another web platform you want to send leads to such as Facebook or Yelp (Google/gmail is the most popular platform keep in mind).

🤷🏼 Can You Afford Not to Care About Your Moving Company’s Reputation?

Moving Company Branding

“But that person was an idiot”

“No one has a good reputation who provides “X” moving service near here”

“You know how this moving industry is”

Yes, we’ve heard it all, and we know it’s typically true, but we must deal with reality. Customers do NOT care if you have a good reason for your 3.4 reputation – you’re a digital corpse and you will either get buried or rise out of the ashes like a Phoenix to reclaim your throne.

Your customers will not go out of their way to leave you a review, and even when you SMS Text it, they still might not, but it’s the best chance you have of earning the review. If you ask them verbally without sending the text, it’s a sure fire way not to happen – yeah I’ll Google that – Yikes! If you send them an email, it most likely won’t get done either. SMS text is the best method, and of course, caring about people and doing a great job, which we know you will do is the difference maker. Sincerely caring about the customer and respecting yourself enough to create a process is all you can do. Then you can set emotions aside when the inevitable 1 star review does come in, because you are doing everything in your power to keep the 5 stars coming in at a quicker pace.

MoversBoost can and will send laser targeted traffic to geo-targeted, service specific landing pages via our software and network for Maps, SEO, Ads, and Remarketing, but as you can see you will be paying literally 3 Times the amount if your reputation slips against the competition. That’s a very tough hill to climb. Once you start addressing this most important part of your moving company online (reviews), our other advantages will outweigh your disadvantages, and your unique photos, videos, and increased reputation will pay off immediately and super long-term.

When you pick up the phone and hear your quote is higher than 3 others, but they still want YOU based on your reviews, photos, videos, and professional website, then it will all be worth it when you can sleep soundly knowing you are controlling your businesses destiny and not some loser 1 star troll with an axe to grind. Don’t let their petty life derail you from your goal of growing and caring about your moving company.

🎁 BONUS Ideas 💡 working right now for MoversBoost Clients

► Hand customers a $5 gas card or a few lottery tickets as you thank them and ask for their honest feedback (make sure you Text them the message!). It’s important to note you should hand these out not expecting the review, as people will see through that – see it as a parting way of your relationship and a mutual respect where you gave them Unexpected Added Value

Moving Company Ideas

► Give bonuses to your staff if they get “X” amount of reviews during the moves they are in charge of operating. Each review gets them an extra $10. Who doesn’t want their lunch partially paid for? Money motivates our teams

► Ask for Video Testimonials after the move before leaving. Although it’s not the same as a written review, video testimonials are GOLD. Ask them if they would like 30mins off your labor rate if you can video a quick, honest assessment. Only ask the friendliest of your customers for this as it’s very personal. Again, you are giving them some $ back for their TIME, not for the words or review themselves – an important distinction to let them know to give their honest feedback and doesn’t have to be formal, scripted, or long-winded.

Video Testimonials for Movers


Social Reviews