“Our volume and quality of leads from SEO have easily beaten out all lead providers”

Stella Moving

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Movers

If you Google Labor Moving San Diego, you’ll see Stella Moving ranks on page 1 of Google and often in the top 5. This has increased his overall volume of leads and booked jobs, to help keep his team busy, consistent profits and reviews coming in for his moving company. Now, unloading / loading isn’t for everyone, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

How to Search Engine Optimize a Mover Website

In the last 28 days, 150 different webpages received at least one organic visitor  on his website (and many multiple).

โ–บ Most websites don’t even have 150 webpages!

Search Engine Optimization for Movers

โ–บ 897+ laser targeted organic hits equates to dozens of booked jobs and tens of thousands of dollars in revenue

Moving Company Leads from SEO

Websites and Experiences Built for Human Beings and ๐Ÿฆพ Search Engines

It’s not just about that one magical keyword phrase. As you saw in our previous email about Geo-Targeted Landing Pages, size matters, but so do other important factors.

โ–บ User Experience Matters: Humans needs to be able to easily navigate your website, view all your media, reviews, and request a quote either by calling, submitting a form, or even SMS texting you directly.

Search Engine Optimization services for moving companies

โ–บ Size Matters: Our Geo-targeted Landing Page email showed the importance of targeting every single service and every single town and zip code you want to target. No more relying on that one magical keyword phrase, or specific webpage to do all the heavy lifting.

SEO leads for moving quotes

โ–บ Webpage Structure: If your webpage is about Labor Moving near San Diego, it should contain text words about this topic, describe the loading / unloading process, and be accompanied with images which are renamed similar keywords to this topic, with ALT text and EXIF data inside of the image. Best practices for onpage technical SEO are Titles, Descriptions, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, Bold, Italic, Underline.

Rank Number 1 in Google for Movers

Search Engine Optimization Bing for Movers

โ–บ Meta Data: All your media needs to be renamed (photos and videos). We even rename little things such as favicons and logos. EXIF data should also be edited to add geo location information if using stock photos. ALT text is then added based on competitor research, reverse engineering what keywords they are ranking for, so we can get some of the action too.

๐Ÿฆธโ€โ™‚๏ธ DIY, Put a Cape on Because You’re Going to have to be a Super Hero

If doing it yourself (we respect it!), after you write out out all your Geo-targeted + Service webpages, you’ll need to promote them. Different from Google Ads, Google wants to see local mentions on blogs, resource lists, Citations, and hyperlinks back to your website.

โ–บ Outreach to your local community: Offer Local Businesses free labor or severely discount labor for a shout out of your moving company on their website and/or social media. A way to make this easy on them is to email them a write-up and an image they can use when adding you on their blog or on their Facebook or Instagram. It will make your pitch easier for them to accept.

  • Realtors (newer ones)

  • Furniture Stores (non Franchise)

  • Appliance Stores (non Franchise)

  • Mattress Stores (non Franchise)

  • Gun Safe Retailers

In order to achieve this at scale for our clients, MoversBoost uses an Internal CRM Software (Customer Relations Management) to reach real people, send requests via Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, web forms, email, and SMS text follow ups. This has enabled us to place our clients on over 28,457 real websites Internationally in our database and growing. While you may not need thousands of websites mentioning you on the web, you certainly need more than 0 if you are going to compete in major cities or against stiff competition. Don’t be discouraged, even just a handful of social mentions or blogs can elevate your business organically and result in real-life direct referrals at the same time. In a Zero-Sum Game for leads, Organic Search Engine Optimization is a blood bath to earn the lead, and those willing to build, optimize and promote are rewarded with laser targeted buyer traffic, more booked jobs and consistent revenues all year round.

How can I promote my moving company?

Moving companies can promote their business with digital marketing or offline marketing. Digital marketing offers targeted searches from major platforms such as Google and Bing for people searching for local movers, or long distance movers near me. Google My Business, Google Ads, and SEO are three ways to maximize search engines. Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are social platforms which helps movers showcase their brand colors, uniforms, and separate themselves from Brokerages and Lead Farm websites. Traditional mailers sent out to people who recently listed or sold their home is a way to add a layer of hyper targeting to offline marketing, which is far inferior to its digital counterpart in regards to scale and conversion tracking for moving company website traffic, leads, and booked jobs.

Where do moving companies advertise?

Advertising for movers is critical when competition is increasing, and profit margins are shrinking due to rising fuel costs, maintenance, employee labor, and insurances. Successful moving companies advertise and market locally, where their most competitive. Google Local Service Ads, Google My Business (maps), and SEO companies for Movers such as MoversBoost has identified target audiences who need moving services, in specific zip codes, and types of moves. Searches for movers can range from DIY (Do It Yourself) couch moving, or someone moving a 4-6 bedroom home known as a full move. It’s because of this discrepancy and ambiguity in search differences, advertising a moving company rarely requires flyers, print outs or billboards, as people only move once every few years, which means a mover can waste a significant portion of their budget when not using digital platforms and services to reach its target market at the point of search intent.

Does SEO increase traffic to my Moving Website?

SEO for moving companies is one of the most effective ways to increase targeted, quality website traffic to a moving company website. Movers who provide multiple services such as Local, Long Distance, Piano, Gun Safe, Labor, Furniture, Senior Assisted moves, can build webpage which target each service combined with each of their major service areas (Locations). Movers usually service a radius area from their main business office. As a service area business, traveling is a necessity, and without Search Engine Optimization, you will not be able to reach your target audience when they are searching 1 town or 15 miles away for a moving company near them. The website must load fast on mobile, tablet, laptops and Desktop, known as Core Website Vitals inside Google Search Console. Without visuals and a great human experience such as photos, branding and videos (Youtube or Instagram embeds), a website can increase its website traffic, but it will not convert into more moving leads without the entire digital marketing funnel optimized and considered.

Can I do SEO myself for my Moving Company?

SEO can absolutely be done by an owner known as DIY Do-It-Yourself. This is recommended for newer movers who have more time than capital to allocate towards a marketing or advertising budget. Google My Business, Google Ads (for search engine marketing), and a mobile first website designed for mobile users are core components to a successful SEO and online marketing campaign. Photos and videos are the most popular media, compared to text, which tends to be reiterated and dry in the moving industry – only so many ways to mention local movers, long distance interstate movers, etc. When uploading photos or videos be sure to title them Move From LOCATION to LOCATION, or Movers in LOCATION. This will help search engine robots understand the meta data of your text, webpages, and media. This will result in increased search rankings: search impressions, clicks, phone calls and moving leads.

Is it worth it to pay someone for SEO for Movers?

The most successful movers rely on delegation. From driving trucks, to loading, unloading, sales and dispatch scheduling. This is why larger moving companies need to hire a SEO digital marketing expert to ensure the website is constantly updated following best practices, new content is added in the form of webpages, text, photos, videos, and proper outreach and syndication on local websites such as directories, local realtors, citations, reputation management, and mover specific copy writing. A moving company marketing agency will have systems in place to lower costs, increase results, and provide advantages part-time hobbyists, or general SEO agencies simply cannot provide. With advanced SEO tactics such as landing pages, A/B split testing, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google My Business (maps), Google Guaranteed Local Service Ads, Google Pay Per Click, an SEO expert for movers can saturate the screen when your target audience is at their point of search, showing a high intent at their moment of purchase or need.

How do I promote my packers and movers business?

With over 107 ways to grow your packers and moving business, choosing which methods is important to maximize ones budget, time and focus. Based on MoversBoost poll, the number one way to grow faster is more reviews inside Google My Business earned through SMS text marketing to previous customers and active moving customers. The second preferred method is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If someone searches for a packing and moving company, most of the time they want a non-franchise, local mover. A basic website can achieve these results, but more advanced WordPress themes, templates and software can elevate one movers business over another in local search and Google Ads pay per click.


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