We’re going to show you an actual client ranking number one in Google Maps

for his main location city, and the exact methodologies used to achieve this result. But first..

✔️Google My Maps SEO Checklist for Movers

Get More Moving Leads

►Ranking Organically in Google Maps helps your consistency because you generate your OWN leads

►The top Organic clicks are now in Google Maps. Local SEO is more important than ever for moving companies whether you are in a major metro area, or a smaller city.

If you’ve been following along our email guides (we recommend you do a search and review them to understand this email better), then you will know, everything you do is related to the greater good for your moving company. Here are a few tips inside Google My Business (Maps)

► Reviews: Be sure to get real reviews from people in your service area. Google/gmail knows exactly where these people live, so it’s a great signal to Google they had a wonderful experience vs IPs of fake reviews created offshore.

Google My Business Reviews Movers

► Review Replies: Intelligently and respectfully reply to all reviews. Be sure to go into great detail using keywords if their move involved packing, storage, pianos, gun safes, stairs, long distance, local, etc. Without revealing the client’s personal information you can get very specific here and thank them as well recapping the journey.

► Photos and Videos: Upload any/all photos and videos to Google My Business. We recommend renaming all photos and videos before uploading such as “moving company near me LOCATION”, or “local movers LOCATION”, etc. You can also download EXIF data editors which is more hardcore, and a step MoversBoost takes so Google bot knows the GPS coordinates of images to help blanket our clients zip codes.

Stock Photos Moving Company

► Categories: Make sure you don’t just use one category for your moving company. Here are some of the top ones (We recommend adding one at a time, because if you mass add them it could get flagged)

Google Local Service Ads Movers

Moving Company

Moving and storage service

Piano Moving Service

Packaging supply store

Moving Supply Store

Storage Facility

Delivery Service

► Service Areas: List your top 20 here

Establish a Service Area for your Moving Company

►Products: Can list all your services here along with a photo of it. I.e. can put Long Distance Moves, along with a photo of your truck and a brief description.

Best SEO for Moving Companies

►Services: List all the main and minor services you offer here. Every single type of move you either have done or happy to do, can put here

Categories for Movers Google My Business

► From the Business: Are you a black owned business or woman led, or Latino? There are many options here. Can put online estimates and onsite services too as you can give a rough estimate over the phone (internet), as well as you need to be in-person (onsite) to provide services.

Cheap SEO for Movers

► Description: Max it out, don’t leave many characters left, the more you can add here the better

Content Marketing for Movers

►Website: There is a free auto-generated website inside Google Maps. Be sure to “Publish” it, not much else needed here, free citation back to your website hosted by Google

Google Hosted Website for Movers

►Posts: Create at least 10 posts. Each one should use a different image, a brief description and a link back to your website. MoversBoost strategy is to link to all different webpages a client has using this tactic to help search engines understand they exist, the client targets multiple services, service areas and here is an example. You can do the same as well.

Moving Company Website SEO

You must have a professional website, which is easy to navigate, has authentic pictures of your team and trucks, a great reputation (reviews), laser targeted landing pages on the website for each service and town, and a fully optimized map listing to achieve this:

The Results? SEO

Search Engine Marketing for Movers

Ranking in Google Maps For Moving Companies


Youngstown OH Movers

Our client, Bearded Brothers Moving Group, LLC, has earned the right to be in the top 3 inside Google Maps as they have done everything on their end, such as supplying great photos, videos, solid reviews, a professional website and interactive website, with software and landing pages to have a terrific experience for humans, and the exact metrics search robots need to see for Local SEO in Google Maps for movers.


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