Awesome, how did you hear about our moving company today?

“I searched Long Distance Movers Worcester and you showed up in Google”

Moving Company Advertising

This is what a moving customer told our client Fresh Start – The Moving Crew.

The interesting part is he’s not always in the top 3 for these phrases, yet he still was able to compete, show up, and win the booked job.

► Services:

Moving Company SEO expert

If you offer a Moving service such as Gun Safes, Pianos, Labor Only, Interstate, Local Only, your website should reflect anything/everything you are happy to provide.

► Service Areas:

Moving SEO

Do you service multiple towns or counties as a starting area? You should target all of these individual towns and counties. Even if a town has a population of 5,000 people, someone might have a 4 bedroom lucrative move, and if you aren’t targeting every single zip code and town in your true starting service area (typically a few counties), then you have little to no chance of even being part of the conversation, or worse, being at a severe cost per lead disadvantage against your moving competitors who are using this tactic.

What would you like to see? General information or exactly what you are looking for?

SEO Tips for Movers

If you searched for furniture mover near me, and one webpage talked about general moving tips, and the other spoke all about furniture wrapping, equipment they use, pictures of furniture AND mentioned they service the exact town you just searched from, which option are you more inclined to pay attention to from these scenarios?

Exactly; you want to see they provide the exact service you need at your exact location. We also provide “X” “Y” “Z” is the lazy way, and hoping your prospect uses their imagination, versus spoon-feeding their experience.

I don’t want to imagine what those other services are, I want to experience it, and it starts with laser targeted landing pages.

Same is true of your potential moving customers.

► Basic Math: Services X Service Areas = Minimum landing pages.

Moving Company Ads

If you offer 10 moving services for example:



Labor Only

Long Distance

Gun Safe


Pool Table

Senior Assisted


Furniture Delivery

and your Starting Service area is 100 towns, your website, at a minimum should have 1,000 (10 x 100) Hyper Targeted Landing Pages.

► 🕸️ Cast the Widest, Targeted Net Possible:

Moving Company SEO tactics

When you have a 10 page website, and they aren’t all number 1 in Google it puts a lot of pressure on your marketing dollars, but when you have 1000, 2000, 3000, 25,000 landing pages (in some of our MoversBoost advanced software databases combining other local data and nuanced keyword services), you stack the odds in your favor, pick up traffic you otherwise would not receive, and increase your Return On Investment to its upper limits.


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