Advanced Technical SEO Codes you must have on your Moving Company Website (Template Provided)

Google, Bing and other search engines scan the code on the backend of your website. They do not know if your website is about puppies, ice cream or moving. As the webmaster we must align our website with search engines and make it extremely easy for them to discern the topics, and keyword terms we deserve to rank for towards number one.

1) Go to

Input your website. If you do not see additional information in the tabs section such as “MovingCompany” or “LocalBusiness”, you are not communicating clearly to Google what your moving company is about.


How Do You Get this on Your Moving Company Website?

2) Get the best SEO HTML for Movers

Here is a free Google document by MoversBoost with the SEO Code template for Moving Company Websites. You can copy the code, and replace all the sections. Then you can go back to or other backend code checkers to test it.

What’s in this code?

Name of Your Business




Business Phone

Price Range

Description of Your Business

Address of Your Business (this is hidden from humans)

Social Media Profiles

Office Hours

Aggregate Review Rating (Across All Platforms)

Services Offered

3) Adding SEO HTML to the Backend of Your Website

Most websites offer a way to add code in the HEADER of your website area. If they don’t offer an easy solution, you can simply use the HTML features they offer to copy/paste the code into the HTML and add to each page manually, or at least the homepage.

Once you add the HTML to your website, go back to If done properly you will see MovingCompany, 0 errors, 0 warnings. Be sure all the commas are correct and it will be good to go!

Moving Websites with SEO


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