Register your website. There are many Domain Registrars you can register your domain name from to get started on the internet.

Here are the most popular, which have easy drag and drop editors which will host your website, and allow you to make changes:




If registering in Godaddy for example, go to to the Website Builder page:

Type in the domain name you want. If taken, add modifications such as state abbreviation to help make it unique

Godaddy websites for Movers

It will walk you through the process of creating a basic website. You can upload images, add your logo, and colors

The best part about these websites for busy movers, is it handles the domain registration, hosting and editor all within one platform, under an easy drag and drop editor known as a WYSIWYG editor – What You See Is What You Get. It’s also limited in some ways, but an excellent way for new moving companies to get a website online, which is cheap, and easy to set up, and manage a CMS platform.

Email for Moving Companies:

A branded email helps show your commitment and professionalism to your moving company.

For $2-5 a month you can own a branded email such as

Email and domain for movers


Godaddy has phone support as well to ensure you setup the email properly and you can login.

Once you begin growing you have options to remain on the basic platform, or you can upgrade to a custom website for moving companies.


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