Youtube proves you care about your moving business, you are professional, uniformed, and most likely licensed and insured. It helps separate you immediately from the competition and brokerages. It increases the time on webpage/website (when embedded on your website), warms up the quality of the lead (people spend more time getting to know your brand), and it has the benefit of reaching new people not only within Youtube, but also Google and other major search engines when optimized for SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

1) Create a Youtube Channel and Upload Your First Video

  • Youtube Signup and Creator Studio

  • Name of Video should have your location and Movers – if not your main welcome video, then NAME OF BUSINESS is sufficient
  • Informative Description including type of move, starting location, destination, and links back to your website, phone number and email



Youtube Marketing for Movers

2) Thumbnails: Make Your Moving Company Stand Out

  • Auto generated ones are typically good, but you can upload a manual one if you like. This gives greater control over what people see before they click. Can incorporate pictures of your truck, team, uniform, and/or upload custom graphic overlays

Moving Company Brand Marketing Videos

3) SEO Tags for Movers and more inside Youtube

  • Tags such as moving company, movers near me, LOCATION movers, LOCATION moving company, are all common and most popular
  • English United States (or pick your preference)
  • This content never aired
  • Input Recording Date (estimation is fine) if you can remember and the location – can use your main location for your moving company

Video Marketing for Moving Companies

4) Settings for Moving Companies in Youtube

  • Allow Embedding
  • Publish to subscriptions feed and notify subscribers
  • People and Blogs
  • Hold inappropriate comments

Video Marketing for Movers

5) Publish your Moving Company Video

  • Public – if you want seen by everyone
  • Unlisted is best if it will be embedded on a specific landing page, and you do not want the general public to find, i.e. coupons and other specials
  • Private – Internal videos you want to send to your team to go over certain ideas or items

How to Market a Moving Company


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