Images help get more Search Engine Traffic and keep your website visitors engaged

There are some basic and advanced ways to optimize images for SEO

1) Take Pictures

Image Marketing Moving Companies


Simply snap a bunch of photos from different angles with your cell phone. Hold the phone sideways to avoid the blacklines, and you can transform your brand after a few moves. Once you get a bunch of photos, you’ll want to use them in multiple ways.

  • Upload them to your computer (makes it easier for next steps)

You can attach them as an email, or you can put inside a folder such as Google Drive or Dropbox to make this process much much easier and streamlined (you’ll want to do this if you plan on getting more media in the future)

2) Rename the Images

Media Search Engine Optimization for Movers

By default images will be named titles such as Image3423.jpg. This is not good information to Google and Bing. Right click the image and rename it. You can choose from the most common phrases such as:


LOCATION moving company

LOCATION movers near me

LOCATION moving company near me

You’ll want to reference our Top SEO Keywords to create a master list of all your true Keyword Phrases.

3) ALT Text: Upload to Website

Upload the renamed images to your website. There should be a feature to insert ALT Text, which gives additional information to the image.

ALT Text Image SEO Moving Company Websites

4) Description, Caption & Surrounding Text

SEO help for Movers using Images

Some platforms allow even more information such as Description and Caption. Here you will want to describe the image such as:

“Moving Team Member from Williamsport, PA moving locally: Williamsport to Williamsport, 4 bedroom move.”

This can be done through HTML code if you aren’t using a web builder. If your web builder does not allow you to add descriptions and captions, be sure to add text near the image so Google bot, and Bing can understand better what the image is about. It’s also a good user experience to describe the photo, giving it more context.

5) Upload to Google My Business and Your Profiles

It’s important with SEO to always maximize and repurpose assets. If you took the time to create a photo or video, you should upload and blast it everywhere you can. You can read more about Google Maps Local SEO for Movers here


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