Templates and pre-built websites save time and money. Chances are your home or apartment was made as a standard template. What makes a house a home is what’s inside it. Same is true for your website. Your logo, colors, and your moving company brand are all intricately connected.

If you are just starting out or hurting for cash flow, a basic new movers website is your first step to dominating online.

Referenced in the new website for movers guide, many of the top themes are by popular platforms such as Godaddy, Wix, and Squarespace. Godaddy and Squarespace don’t have specific moving company templates, but they use a general service theme website where you can do light edits. Wix however has one ready to go, which can be viewed here:


The major platforms do a very poor job of saving you time and money because there is nearly nothing here to help you from a content stand point for organic SEO or lackluster landing pages for paid traffic.

Wix website for movers WordPress Themes and HTML templates for Movers offer more customization, but also come with added responsibilities including hosting, updating plugins, and a longer learning curve for creating and editing content compared to the popular drag and drop moving company website builders.


themeforest moving company websites

A trusted marketplace to buy WordPress themes, has over 400 related to moving company:



dribble html templates

Less used, which can help separate you from your competition. Handful of options here:



Terrible customer support, but you get what you pay for. The HTML templates here are ready to plug and play if you have experience with hosting files or FTP on your server:



nicepage websites

Some templates are more focused on Freight and Logistics:



If you are using a template, I wouldn’t overthink it. Most of them lack enough content to rank organically in search engines, and the stock photos are just plain terrible, but you have to start somewhere.

The easiest and best route to take is to use what your comfort level is; if you keep hearing you HAVE to use WordPress but aren’t making that much $ yet, or don’t know coding, then you should opt for Godaddy Website Builder, Wix, or Squarespace and simply tweak their own templates.

If you want to pay someone to set up a template website, there are also freelancers who would be willing to set up a basic website very cheaply.

Once you reach a certain threshold of success and you demand more performance for your website for converting traffic into red hot leads, ranking higher with search engine optimization, and social media remarketing with media buys in Google and Microsoft network, reach out to MoversBoost



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