Content Marketing increases your leads and website traffic

Content is the core of your website. It’s for both search engines and humans.

Everything can be “Content”

Images, Videos, and traditional text. Example of a commercial / actors below:

This approach should be used sparingly. It’s funny, engaging, and well put together. However, many assume incorrectly any content is better than none.

NO: Cartoon Animations of movers

NO: Video slideshows

Have you ever once watched a slideshow video (that wasn’t pictures of loved ones), and walked away happy you watched it? Chances are it looked like hot garbage and insincere.

Consistency Wins Every Time

Blog Marketing for Moving Companies

If you aren’t taking pictures on every moving job, you are missing out on new, authentic, consistent content and search engine traffic from Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, Yahoo and others. These guides show how Images and Videos (Youtube) can be optimized to gain more traffic and leads for your moving company.

You will stay top of mind for prospects looking to move, or know someone who wants to move. Each image, and video is a quick win, but you can also dive deeper…

Humans Love Stories…

Writing for Movers


Since the dawn of time, humans have told stories with a beginning, middle and end. This format works well because our conscious minds understand relationships between time, such as events that came before or after one another. When you create a post on Facebook, or Youtube, or even your webpsite (create webpages to rank for more phrases and increase time on website) you can add an enormous amount of context.

Two Examples: A or B?

A)Content Writing for Moving Websites


Content Writing for Moving Websites

NAME OF COMPANY just completed Alicia’s local move. She moved from Bar Nunn to Edgerton in Wyoming. It was a 4 bedroom move with 2 oversized items – a 800lb Gun Safe, and an antic furniture bureau. Cameron and Keith got the job done on time with no issues. Alicia graciously gave us a 5 star review and a thumbs up for a moving job well done. If you want to hire a moving company serving Bar Nunn, please give us a call or fill out the form.

This is an opportunity to Internal Link which helps SEO and time on your website. It’s also an opportunity to link to your specific Service + Location webpage.

Content is the Difference Maker

If two moving companies both have similar reputations, but one company has an active social media presence, new content (images, videos, TikTok, Youtube, Images) on their website, it will show SINCERITY that the moving company actually cares about their business and they are invested in it.

Remember, the easiest way to get started is images. Simply upload and describe the image (like example B above). Can be as detailed or as basic as you decide. You don’t need to add last names or sensitive information for it to be compelling to your prospects.

Next would be videos. Youtube is a great way to get started. Long form content, typically 3+ minutes is preferred.

Tiktok and other social profiles for quick videos or stories. IG and TikTok are excellent for staying top of mind, but the content is typically shorter and less engaging than story telling or longer videos.

The end game would be webpages on your website. You can create a “Recent Moves” webpage on your website you update once a week, where you compile all the moves you made, and you simply DATE them, and describe them. This shows your moving company is active, and your website is useful and up to date.



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