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Social Media is not posting endlessly into an echo chamber (it’s pay to play for reach now), but it has ancillary benefits as well. Social Media improves your organic SEO rankings and your moving company brand (conversion rate into leads) when done properly. Many from this list below exist in the 58 top moving leads providers guide. When search engines scan (crawl) the web, they are indexing every piece of information about your moving business. Where it’s located, what kind of services you offer, and it’s checking to see how legitimate you are to determine your rankings.

Humans also do their due diligence. If you are going to move your family across the country, you most likely are going to do a few searches to see if they are an actual moving company and not a brokerage. People also want to see if they can trust you. If you have all stock photos, and no reviews, you can ONLY compete on price, if your lucky. Create social media profiles from the websites below


  • To save time, gather ALL the photos and videos you have for your business and save them in a folder.
  • Save all your business information such as:

Name of the Business


Phone Number



Now you can register to these social platforms and copy and paste versus reinventing the wheel each time.

  • Only post actively to the most popular platforms. Avoid wasting time by using the list below.

Most Popular Social Platforms for Movers


credit: JB Moving Services Inc.

Facebook Marketing Movers

Facebook Posts Movers

Fill out basic information

Posts use real photos, a description, and hashtags


credit: Great Movers

With over 2,000 views, if you had to pay per click inside search engines for this traffic you could pay over $10,000 for it. Videos are the quickest short cut to growth and scale for moving companies. Here is a full guide on Youtube video marketing for movers.


credit: iMoveNYC

Instagram Marketing for Movers


Fill out basic information, and create posts. Can use some funny meme/stock occasionally, but authentic photos and videos should always be your focus.

Instagram Moving Company


credit: letsgetmovingkc

@letsgetmovingkc Yes, we are a moving company. #movers#lgmboys#LizzosBigGrrrls#mullet#dumpy#kcmo#letsgetmoving ♬ original sound – Let’s Get Moving

Top Tier Conclusion:

We live in a pay to play world, especially Big Tech and Social Media. Consistency with purpose and authenticity is key to organic growth, but unless you’re a vampire who will live forever, you need to scale by driving more traffic on the front-end, and remarketing on the backend.

Secondary Social Media Profiles


credit: Armalan Moving Services LLC

Get Embed Code


credit: RobtheMover


credit: Alpha Moving and Storage New Jersey

Alpha Moving and Storage New Jersey | LinkedIn

Linkedin Moving Companies


Social Reviews