Does your website presell your moving leads?

Do you have webpages to avoid answering basic questions over and over?

Does your website protect your moving company legally?

Moving company websites should get as “naked” to the prospect as possible. This is why Sumo wrestlers clap their hands before battle. Google also factors in additional information and content pages to determine who is a real brand, from pretenders

What webpages should you create on your moving company website? Create a webpage for each of the following below:

About Page (Who We Are):

marketing for movers


If you are just another faceless, nameless mover in a sea of quotes, you’ll be outbid by someone going into the gutter, or most likely, lose to a competitor who understands the value of real photos, videos and compelling content marketing.

Upload pictures of yourself, team, and go deep into your origin story. Go back to Kindergarten if you like. We are all humans, and the best superhero movies show the events leading up to the hero’s arc, juxtaposed understanding of the villain (if done properly). Let your customers know they are in good hands.

FAQ (Hourly Rates and More):

How much can moving companies make


Tired of answering the same questions over and over again? Don’t worry, you still will, but the prospects who take the time to read your about page, and FAQ, will be infinitely warmer than someone who calls up and yells as you “JUST GIVE ME A MOVING QUOTE”.

Ideas to put into your Frequently Asked Questions

Starting Service Areas

(link to a webpage for this, list ALL neighborhoods in Alphabetical order)

Minimum Number of Hours

Hourly Rates

(would give a range if there are exceptions)

Do you charge overtime rates?

Do you charge extra for Flights of Stairs?

Oversized Items extras

What will communication be like on my move day?

(Go over how you will communicate to the client, whether text, phone or email)

Do I have to put down a deposit to secure my move date? 

(some movers require this, put what you need)

What if I need to cancel my move?

(Create a cancellation policy page for this for legal reasons and link to it)

Do You Move Pianos?

Do You Move Gun Safes?

Do You Move Long Distance Out of State?

Are you fully licensed and insured?

(link to your licenses webpage)

Licenses (DOT):

How to get a DOT license for a moving company


Many movers are not licensed or insured. If you took the time and expenses to obtain any and all licenses or permits, whether State or Federal, they should be listed out. We recommend also taking a picture of your documents and uploading it on this webpage. If you are moving a 5 bedroom home, “Trust Me Bro” isn’t going to help ease the minds of anxious, nervous and stressed out homeowners looking to hire a reputable moving company.

Privacy Policy

Moving company privacy policy


If you are gathering moving leads from your moving company website, you’ll need a Privacy Policy webpage. This is legal language to help protect you if someone says you unlawfully obtained their information, or if your website uses cookies to track moving companies (remarketing should always be implemented).

Search for “Privacy Policy Template” and you can swap out your name of business and website. Read over it once and make any edits. Then you’re good to go and never have to worry about it again.

Terms and Conditions

Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move DOT

Create a terms and conditions website which further legally protects you, stating you reference and adhere the Department of Transportation government standard put forth here:

You can further protect yourself (it’s not an issue until you move a 5 million dollar home, and there is a dispute), by creating subsections within this webpage which further explains “terms” and your “conditions”. Here is a good example from My Town Movers

Our Quote

What is included

What is Not Included in Our Quotes

Work Not Included

Additional Charges

Your Responsibility

Before You Schedule

You Must Have Legal Rights to the Goods Being Moved

Goods Company Will Not Move or Store for Customer

Valuation Selection and Waiver

Charges for Specialty Items


Reservation Deposit

Before You Move

Notification of Delays & Unforeseen Circumstances

After Your Move

Our liability for loss or damage

Right of refusal

Damage to goods

Right to Repair

Valuation Coverage

Damage to premises or property other than goods

Exclusions of liability

Release of Liability for Certain Items

Disassembly & Installation

Prior, Existing or Post Service Damage

Improperly Self-Packed or Self-Prepared Items

Damage Prone Goods

Inclement Weather


Delays in Transit

Arrival Windows


Route and method

Applicable law

Contact Us:

Moving Lead Quotes

Super basic, but make sure you have a separate Contact Us webpage with all your information on it. This search engine optimization NAP consistency is also important for Google to rank your website higher in search engines.


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